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Malpani Infertility Clinic is one of India's best IVF clinics. Since every IVF clinic website claims they are the best IVF clinic, the question you need to ask is - What makes us better ?

What make us the best is the fact that we are a boutique infertility clinic, and we pamper all our patients. Most of our patients feel the care we provide is often much better than the care provided in clinics in USA and UK.

Here is what one of our patients had to say.

"Thank you for providing us the best care and treatment for our IVF cycle. This is our fourth cycle and we hope it would be a successful first. Our last two cycles were done in US. It is but natural that we would draw comparisons between our treatment processes in US and in India and you will be glad to know that in our minds, your clinic ranked much higher. We feel it important to acknowledge some of your clinic's best features

We were very impressed with the prompt and clear responses to each and every e-mail and phone queries. In most of the cases, responses were within a few hours or overnight.
- We, as patients, get to interact directly with you . This is very different from US IVF processes, where we had to wait months to get a consult with the doctor. Most of the questions and info was provided through nurses. We did not always feel confident we were getting the right answers or the complete attention. This caused us ample emotional distress in our US IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) cycles. Thanks to the unique Indian personalized culture, with the specialized knowledge of doctors in your fertility center, we never felt that emotional void during our treatment period.
- In terms of equipment, technology and the protocol of keeping the patients updated with the process, your methods are on par with US standards, if not better. Each of you explained with very systematic visual aids the scan results, the ICSI process and the embryo development. Even a non-medical layman like me could very easily relate to the process we are going through.
- Amongst the major challenges we faced in the US , the most complicated is that of medical insurance. After our several years of stay in US, we still have not been able to comprehend their process of insurance, which is a cause for substantial stress. Your reasonable costs and simple procedures helped us get past that hurdle.
- Your books and written material is definitely informative and easy to understand."

We feel we provide better care because we provide all your care ourselves - from A to Z. I answer all the emails. I run this website. I do all the consultations and design your treatment plans. Dr Anjali does all the ultrasound scans. Dr Anjali does all the egg collections. Dr Anjali does all the embryo transfers. Dr Sai is our full-time embryologist who does all the IVF lab work. We are very hands on. What does this mean ? It means that you get very high quality consistent care throughout. We are very experienced and very skilled, because we do everything ourselves, and we do nothing else.

Our nurses are very skilled, and we could easily allow them to do a lot of this clinical work themselves, just like most clinics in the US do. We are now quite senior, and we could employ assistants to do a lot of this work, just like most clinics in India do. However, we don't. We feel your treatment is extremely important, and we pride ourselves in our skills and abilities. We are not comfortable delegating or "outsourcing " your clinical care to anyone else. We feel it's important that we do it ourselves. This allows us to maintain high quality standards - after all, if doctors are too busy to take care of patients, then what are they good for ? In most other IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) clinics, on the other hand, the only time you see the doctor is when you go in for your fist consultation, at which time the doctor will spend a lot of time with you. After this, once you have started your IVF cycle, you will most probably never see him again. The scans will be done by ultrasound technicians; the medication instructions and lab results will be discussed with you by the nurses; and the egg collection and embryo transfer performed by whoever happens to be on duty that day. Is this what you are paying for ? To be taken care of by assistants and nurses ( however good they may be ) ?

It's very common in most IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) clinics for the ultrasound scans to be done by a technician; a nurse; or a radiologist ( ultrasonographer). However, Dr Anjali does all your scans herself. The reason for this is simple - the eye only sees what the mind knows, and doing the scans allows Dr Anjali to fine-tune your medications and help you grow optimal quality eggs. It's very common for patients to report that they had 10 follicles on the ultrasound scan; but only 6 eggs were retrieved at the time of egg collection. This is bound to happen when one person does the scans and someone else does the actual egg collection. This is never a problem in our clinic, because Dr Anjali does all the scans and egg collections herself !

We are a full-service IVF clinic. We offer all services under one roof, including all the latest technologies, such as ICSI, embryo cryopreservation, PESA, TESE, laser assisted hatching; blastocyst transfer; PGD. This flexibility allows us to customize a treatment plan for you which maximizes your pregnancy rates.

We offer all our services in one facility only - our fertility center in Colaba, Mumbai. We do not go anywhere else, which means you are sure you will always find us here ! This is in sharp contrast to many other IVF doctors in India, who run around from one clinic to another, and even one city to another, in order to try to treat as many patients as possible. If they are busy in another city, how much time can they spare for you ?

We cycle patients throughout the year. We do not "batch " patients, which means we can treat you to suit your convenience ! You don't need to wait for us.

We carry out 300 cycles a year. Since there are only 2 doctors in our clinic, this means we are quite busy, which allows us to keep our skills sharply-honed and ensure a high pregnancy rate. Since we perform an average of about 2-4 procedures ( egg collections and embryo transfers) daily, this also allows us to spend enough time on each procedure and do it properly and carefully, so we don't have to rush through them. This is in sharp contrast to certain clinics, who proudly boast that they do 10 IVF cycles daily - which means they don't have the time or energy to do them well. If you want to be treated as another widget on an assembly line, then please do not come to us.

The fact that we are not rushed for time means we can be meticulous and can take the time and energy to do each of your crucial procedures properly. For example, we use a double-lumen needle to do egg collections. This allows us to flush each follicle individually, so that we can be sure we will get an egg from each follicle we puncture, if the egg is there. This means that it often takes us about 20-30 minutes to collect all the eggs. By contrast, most other clinics use a single lumen needle. The only advantage of this option is that it allows the doctor to finish the egg collection procedure quickly, so he can move on to the next patient ! While a single lumen needle works well for most patients, it's not good for 2 groups of patients - those with few eggs; or those with too many. If patients have few eggs, doctors who use a single lumen needle often miss these and lose them. After spending so many hundreds of dollars in growing these eggs ( which means that each egg is worth a lot !), we are surprised why doctors take such a cavalier attitude towards the technical minutiae of egg collection for this group of patients. Similarly, because we flush the follicle of patients with PCOD, we can reduce the risk of their developing OHSS dramatically.

Similarly, we take at least 15 minutes to do each embryo transfer. This is a delicate procedure, which needs to be done with love and care. Many doctors try to hurry this up, because they have so many transfers to do in a short time. Because they are rough, this causes uterine contractions, as a result of which the embryos can be expelled.

Another example of our ability to customize care for our patients is our ability to do a ZIFT for patients who have few eggs. In conventional IVF, we keep embryos in the incubator for 2-3 days, and then transfer them into the uterus. Now, neither the uterus nor the incubator is the ideal place for these embryos, but for patients with many embryos, it does not really matter, and pregnancy rates with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) are very good. However, for poor responders, we have the ability to do a ZIFT for them , in which we can transfer the embryos directly into the fallopian tubes. The pregnancy rates with ZIFT have always been higher than with IVF-ET. However, few clinics have the expertise or the ability to provide this option, as it needs a skilled laparoscopic surgeon and an Operation Theater facility. We are proud to be one of the few clinics in the world which can do a ZIFT, which is a very helpful option for poor ovarian responder.

The outcome of any IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) cycle will always be uncertain. While we can make the embryos in the lab and then transfer them, whether they will implant or not is in God's hands. However, the treatment process itself should be a positive one, so you have peace of mind that you did your best. When you do IVF at Malpani Infertility Clinic , you can be assured that you have received the best care possible, because Dr Aniruddha and Dr Anjali do everything themselves for you - there is no "middleman " ! Since we do everything ourselves, this means that we have to limit the number of patients we can treat, so that we can provide them with our special personalized care. But we are happy to do this - it's better, we feel, to provide great care to a few patients, rather than mediocre care to too many !


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