If you are having difficulties with making a baby in your bedroom, then IVF is definitely the best option for you. When you are choosing what works best for you, the variables you have to factor in are efficiency, time, expense and hassle. All infertile couples are aware that IVF gives them the best chance to have a baby. However, not all patients find it easy to believe that even with IVF the success rate is never 100%.

They wonder that when their embryos are being made in the lab, and there is no problem with their uterus, why the success rate of their cycle is only 45%. So, how exactly does IVF help improve reproductive efficiency?  IVF allows us to do what isn’t occurring naturally in the bedroom, for the infertile couple.  Because we superovulate the patient, it helps her grow a larger numberf you are having difficulties with making a baby of eggs; and instead of having just a single egg to fertilize, we then have much more mature eggs.

Circumventing hurdles

It’s important to keep in view the fact that these are the eggs that would have naturally died and so IVF treatment doesn’t really have an adverse effect on either your menstrual cycles or your future fertility. When you choose to do IVF, it saves you a lot of time and money too. We are able to ensure that fertilization occurs In Vitro and this helps us overcome the different biological hurdles that can occur in vivo.

While we have the skill and the technology to make good quality embryos, what patients should understand is that an embryo isn’t a baby. Once we transfer the embryo into your uterus, the implantation (which is a biological process), still has to take place by itself and it’s something we can’t regulate,

A defense mechanism

When an implantation fails, it’s actually nature’s defense mechanism at work – its preventing the birth of an abnormal baby. Genetic defects in the embryo can be very random, but the incidence is far higher in older women. If you find that making babies in the bedroom is now becoming more of a chore rather than fun, it’s time for you to seek treatment without delay. Keep all the variables in view and then make your choice.

It’s true that IVF is more expensive, but it’s also more effective. And for someone who has been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby in their bedroom for a long time, IVF may just turn out to be a smarter option. Even as you are considering IVF, it’s important that you maintain realistic expectations. This will help you have peace of mind that you did your best, regardless of what the outcome is.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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