HOW TO HAVE A BABY : The Hysteroscopy


1. What is hysteroscopy ?

telescopic examination of testicles telescopic examination of uterus
telescopic examination of penis telescopic examination of vagina

2. Can hysteroscopy be used to treat abnormalities?

Yes, operative hysteroscopy No, its purely diagnostic
Can be but never used question is irrelevant

3. Can complications occour during Hysteroscopy

Very rarely Never
Always question not relevant

4. What are uterine( endometrial) polyps?

hard stony growth powdery substance
soft, fingerlike growths liquid substance

5. Where is a polyps usually found?

on the penis in the uterine lining
in the vagina in the fallopian tubes

6. What are Fibroids?

benign smooth muscle tumors malignant rough muscle tumors
long fibrous growth none of these