HOW TO HAVE A BABY : The Tubal Connection


1. How long are the Fallopian tubes ?

10 cms 20 cms
30 cms 40 cms

2. What does HSG stand for?

Hypergram Hypervaliumgram
Hysterosalpingogram Hypnogram

3. What kind of a process is HSG?

Sonography Specialized X-ray
Surgical Medicinal

4. What is the most common disease of the Fallopian tubes?

pelvic inflammatory disease pelvic infection disease
pelvic thrust disease poly infection disease

5. Tubal disease accounts for how much female infertility?

10-25% 25-50%
50-75% 75-90%

6. Which of these are treatments for PID?

Fluoroscopic guided procedures Sonosalpingography
Tuboscopy None of these