HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Infertility In Older Women


1. After what age does a womans fertility begin to decline?

30 35
40 45

2. Which of these is a test to detect ovarian decline?

clomiphene citrate challenge test ( CCCT). ovarian osterises omega test (OOOT)
internal ovarian decline test (IODT) none of these

3. What does menopause indicate?

eggs in the ovaries are damaged eggs in the ovaries are being produced properly
eggs in the ovaries are finally depleted ovaries are damaged

4. What is the percentage of risk of a miscarrriage in women over 41?

25% 50%
75% 90%

5. Which of these is the most successful option for older women?

IVF Egg Donors
ovarian stimulation None of these

6. What is the most common reason for women try to conceive at an older age?

No time due to career midlife crisis
financial security all of these