HOW TO HAVE A BABY : The Hirutism


1. What is hirsutism?

unusually tall height abnormal growth of facial and body hair
unusually short height abnormal speech pattern

2. What is the primary cause of hirsutism?

high levels of male hormones high level of female hormones
low level of testostorone none of these

3. Which can be the cause of hirsutism?

Genetic Polycystic ovarian syndrome
Ovarian Tumors All of these

4. What method is used first in the diagnosis of hirsutism?

blood tests xray tests
CT scan surgical exploration

5. Which of these can be used to treat hirsutism?

surgical procedures regular exercise
hormonal treatments cannot be treated

6. what is the latest method of treating hirsutism

laser treatment special diets
abstinence none of these