HOW TO HAVE A BABY : The Endometriosis


1. What is Endometrosis?

affects of woman productive age affects of man reproductive age
affects woman reproductive age none of these

2. What is the causes of endometriosis?

endometrial cells implant in the ovaries endometrial cells implant in the vagina
endometrial cells implant in the uterus all of these

3. How does Endometriosis look like?

small , flat dark patches flecks of blue & black paint
all of these over time deep, reddish brown

4. Which is the preferred method of diagnosis endometriosis?

laparoscopy blood test
special diets none of these

5. What is the treatment of endometriosis?

xray tests harmone medication
surgery cannot be treated

6. Can IVF be used to cure endometriosis?

IVF can Control not cure Cure completely
IVF cannot cure it Endometriosis is not curable