HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Ectopic Pregnancy


1. What is the other name of an ectopic pregnancy?

normal pregnancy abnormal pregnancy
tubal pregnancy all of these

2. Which body parts are include in an ectopic pregnancy?

ovary abdomen
cervix all of these

3. What is the level of HCG during ectopic pregnancy?

more than 2000mIU/ml more than 1000mIU/ml
more than 1500mIU/ml none of these

4. What treatments are used during ectopic pregnancy?

ultrasound surgical treatment
methotrexate treatment all of these

5. If the tube has ruptered what is the only treatment?

emergency surgery endoscopy
ultrasound hormone treatment

6. What is the percentage of women with ectopic pregnancy having normal pregnancy next time?

100% 40%
60% 50%