HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Unexplained Infertility


1. What does unexplained infertility mean?

the patient wont let us touch her we do not know the cause
father of the child is unknown abstinence induced infertility

2. What is the percentage of couples with unexplained infertility?

100% 50%
90% 10%

3. What doe the unexplained infertility diagnosis depend upon?

number of tests carried out which tests were taken
why any tests were taken cannot be tested

4. Which treatment can be useful in unexplained infertility?

laparoscopy ultrasound
ZIFT video none of these

5. What could be the possible causes of unexplained infertility?

Tubal Abnormalities Abnormal eggs
Trapped Eggs All of these

6. Can unexplained infertility also be caused by infection and immunological factors?

Yes, sometimes No, never
Can't say What has infection got to do with it?