HOW TO HAVE A BABY : The Miscarriage


1. What is the classification for repeated miscarriages?

recurrent pregnancy loss immunological imbalance
ovarian cysts all of these

2. What is the percentage of women who miscarry?

10% 20%
40% 60%

3. Who are more susceptible to miscarriage?

women over 20 women over 25
women over 28 women over 35

4. what is a common sign at the beginning of a miscarriage?

uterus bleeding ovaries bleeding
vaginal bleeding all of these

5. Which of these can cause repeated abortions?

Hormone imbalance Physical Illness
Problems in the uterus All of these

6. What is the best method to diagnose chances of a miscarriage?

ultrasound surgery
laparoscopy none of these