HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Understanding Your Medicines


1. What is bromocriptine used to treat?

hyperprolactinemia hypermetopia
hypervelocity hyperventilation

2. What is Danazol used to treat?

ovarian cysts endometriosis
low sperm count cancer

3. What are steriods used to treat?

to suppress the production of androgens to suppress the immune system
to supress the production of glycodin none of these

4. What is clomiphene used for?

inducing sperm production inducing ovulation
inducing testosterone inducing pain

5. What are gonadotropin injections used to treat?

difficult anovulatory problems difficult sperm production problems
difficuly ovarian cyst problems None of these

6. What are HMG injections used for?

give a boost to the sperm production to repair the uterine lining
substitute the production of FSH to increase the width of the uterus