HOW TO HAVE A BABY : PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis)


1. What is PGD?

preimplantation genetic diagnosis predisposition genes dilemma
preorganic growth disorder none of these

2. When is PGD generally done?

during IVF after IVF is completed
before IVF is started no related to IVF

3. What happens during PGD?

analysis of the uterus lining analysis of genetic material
analysis of eggs analysis of sperms

4. Where is the PGD transfer?

back into vagina back into ovary
back into the uterus all of these

5. What does PGD do in older women?

increase pregnancy rates increase heart rates
increase egg production increase cervical mucus

6. Which of this is a worry with PGD?

might decrease fertility might decrease sexual intercourse
might encourage sex selection might increase impotence