HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Using Donor Sperm


1. What does a TID donor provide?

eggs sperms
uterus penis

2. When is the TID treatment normally used?

if woman is infertile if man is infertile
if both are infertile if both are fertile

3. Who are ideal donors the sperm?

healthy men tall men
bald men happy men

4. Which semen samples are excepted?

at least 5 million motile sperm at least 15 to 20 million motile sperm
at least 25 to 40 million motile sperm above 50 million motile sperm

5. What is the advantage of frozen sperm?

donor traits can be matched no risk of STD & AIDS
around the clock availability high quality product

6. What does a sperm bank do?

lends money to donors stores frozen sperms
provides loans to couples none of these