HOW TO HAVE A BABY : How Babies Are Made


1. Which is the place in a woman's body where the fertilized egg grows?

Uterus Vagina
Clitoris Vulva

2. Where does the sperm fertilize the egg?

Uterus Fallopian Tube
Cervix Vagina

3. Where are the eggs produced ?

Fallopian Tubes Uterus
Ovaries Vagina

4. What hormone is generated during fertility cycle?

Estrogen Zymogen
Glaxophne Granulen

5. How many sperms does a normal ejaculation contain?

100 to 150 million sperm 200 to 500 million sperm
600 to 800 million sperm 1 billion sperm

6. How long does an egg remain alive without fertilization?

24 hours 12 hours
48 hours 4 hours