HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Self Help & Support Group


1. What is the advantage of childfree living?

personal freedom more time to spend on your own interests
emotional energy invested into your relationship all of these

2. What can make a couple choose childfree living?

stressfullness of infertility treatments lack of good schools
lack of decent home don?t like children

3. What is the biggest fear among couples regarding childfree living?

no one to take care of them in their old age no one to inherit their property
no legacy left behind all of these

4. Can stress cause infertility?

Absolutely Never
Is still not conclusively determined No relation between them

5. Why can infertility be stressful?

trying too hard doubts about health
doubts in their partners all of these

6. Why is infertility treatment stressful?

cost of treatment uncomfortable or painful injections and medicines
waiting and anticipation for results all of these