HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Infertility Myths & Misconceptions


1. How do support groups help a infertility couple?

by lending money by sharing experiences and giving encouragment
by providing work by providing food

2. Which is the best way for a couple to handle infertility?

getting information and knowledge about treatments kicking your partner
divorce no way to handle it

3. What is a common myth about the cause of infertility?

painful and infrequent periods height of woman
length of a man penis none of these

4. Can non-matching blood groups cause infertility?

No, never Yes, always
Sometimes if they are B+ & A-

5. Can a routine gynecological examination detect infertility?

No it cannot Yes, absolutely
If the doctor is experienced If it?s a female doctor

6. Is IVF in India unaffordable?

its expensive but certainly not unaffordable its too unaffordable
nah, its quite cheap government will pay for it