HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Alternative Medicine


1. How can friends & relatives help infertility couples?

be sensitive don't joke about them
support their decisions all of these

2. What is the main reason insurance companies do not deny infertility treatment claims?

they don?t consider infertility as an illness infertile couples cheat a lot
infertility doctors are crooks none of these

3. Why are infertile couples discriminated and looked down upon?

due to social importance on family due to their easy life
due to their lack of money none of these

4. Which are the reasons of unhappiness with modern infertility treatment?

medicine has become commercial doctors are not spending time with them
impersonal nature of modern medicine all of these

5. What are quacks?

untrained people posing as doctors or healers a type of duck
a very experienced doctor just a sound

6. Are alternative treatments useful?

depends on the practictioner and treatment alternative treatment is useless
alternative treatment can be harmful none of these