HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Find the Best Doctor


1. Which is a good way to find a good infertility doctor?

referal by another trusted doctor yellow pages
all are good, go with anyone there are no good ones

2. What is an important criteria of a good doctor?

tall and good looking skilled & experienced
posh dispensary has children himself

3. What is a second opinion?

same doctors says it twice you repeat what the doctor says
asking another qualified doctor for his opinion as well a wrong opinion

4. When should you change doctors?

If he is too tall If he promises too much and doesn?t deliver
if he doesn?t have children himself If he/she flirts with your spouse

5. What is your right as a patient?

to be well informed and supported during the treatment to get half the doctors earnings
to be chauffered to and fro the clinic you have no rights

6. What are the responsibility of the patients?

be assertive be well informed and prepared
make a list of questions all of these