HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Making Sense Of Medical Stories


1. What is the common problem with newspaper reports of infertility treatment?

articles are not typed properly articles are not always accurate
the writer does not know anything reports are outdated

2. What is the problem with " technology breakthroughs " reported in the papers?

it might be too expensive it may be experimental
there could be a simpler older procedure all of these

3. How can you prevent some doctors from performing unnescessary technological procedures on you?

be better informed and check with multiple sources tell your doctor you're broke
tell the doctor you're allergic to technology just say no to all procedures

4. How can you judge a new technology to be effective?

when it is extensively used its results are proven over a period of time
more than one doctor recommends it all of these

5. Which of these is a reputed medical journal?

The Lancer The Lancet
The Lounger The Lander

6. What is peer review?

scientists scrutinize each other's work in advance scientists having a party
scientists going on a picnic none of these