HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Making IVF Affordable


1. How can IVF be made more affordable?

by simplifying the procedures by using new technologies
by doing only very few tests can never be made affordable


3. What is transport IVF

centralized laboratory for procedures the couple is given transport to from the clinic
the procedure is done while travelling none of these

4. What breakthrough in culture medium is bringing down costs?

less chemicals in culture medium clinic grown culture mediums
commercially available culture mediums home grown culture mediums

5. In vaginal incubation where are the embryos incubated?

in the vagina in the uterus
in a CO2 incubator in room temperature

6. What would be the major advantage of more affordable IVF?

doctors would buy cheaper cars more patients would be able to opt for it
it would be performed by anyone quacks would increase