HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Infertility Record


1. What is a major concern among infertile couple regarding IVF?

it is too artificial it is too complicated
it is too expensive all of these

2. Why are older relatives of infertile couples against IVF?

they consider it unnatural or abnormal they don?t want the couple to concieve
they don?t want to increase the family none of these

3. What is a major mind block for couples considering IVF?

the fear of failure it is too painful
there aren't enough doctors it is not available in India

4. After what age does IVF become difficult

after 25 years of age after 30 years of age
after 35 years of age after 38 years of age


6. When are accurate treatment records useful?

when applying for a loan when getting a second opinion
when applying for a driving license none of these