HOW TO HAVE A BABY : Testing for Infertility


1. What is the first test done for infertility in a man?

FSH test Semen Analysis?
Blood test HIV test

2. What is the normal volume of semen for a man?

1-2 ml 2-6 ml
6-10 ml 11-15 ml

3. What is a normal sperm count ?

5 million sperm per ml 10 million sperm per ml
20 million sperm per ml 30 million per ml

4. What is the best sperm motility

Grade a (fast progressive) Grade b (slow progressive)
Grade c (nonprogressive) Grade d (immotile )

5. What does Azoospermia signify

Very low sperm count Low sperm count
Normal sperm count Zero sperm count

6. What does a Testicular Biopsy do?

checks for sperm production checks the diameter of the testicle
checks for cancer in the testicles checks for injury to testicle