A delighted couple and their baby from the UK share their experience that they had with the Malpani Clinic

Our journey started back in 2003, my partner and I had been trying for a baby for 2 years, when my partner decided to go to the Dr's to get checked out. I remember the Evening so well, I was at home just chilling out while ...... had gone to get his results. He walked into the room with a bright red face, and said 'It's me, the problem is with me, I havn't got any sperm'. Well my world came crashing down around me, here the man I loved who I had dreamt of having chidren with was telling me he couldn't give me children, not only that he couldn't pass on his genes to a next generation. We cried and this is when the grieving process started. Straight away ..... said 'leave me if you want, find someone else with whom you can have children', I didn't want to do this, this is a man who I loved dearly and had spent 8 years of my life with and shared so many different experiences.

We decided on the route of a sperm donor, in the Uk at the time the law was for donor anonymity. After lots of tests on myself we were ready a year later in April 2004 to start our first cycle of IUI using donor sperm. We attempted this 6 times spanning up to March 2005, none of them been a success, we were not surprised though because of the stressfullness in the UK clinics, (Fertility problems are stressful enough but with the clinic phoning us up on the morning of the insemination to say they had ran out of the donor we had chosen, and to choose another) or (they had lost my blood test) etc etc, we were not surprised it didn't work,. Looking back it wasn't supposed to be, we were unsure of everything back then and were still grieving for the child we would never conceive together.

We decided that a known sperm donor would be a better route for us, we would know so much more about them, and it just felt better to me to know the history etc. Here my challenge started in finding a suitable donor. It took me 4 months and we found the perfect donor!

We met him after emailing lots, he had already donated to a clinic in the UK, so had all the tests done etc. Now was the time to get to know him, I met with him on a regular basis to get to know him, chat, and take him out for dinner. After 10 months of this I knew I was ready to try to have a baby with our donor, so time to look for a clinic.

We found Malpani Infertility clinic on the internet and after emailing Dr Malpani a few times and getting the fast replies with indepth knowledge, positivity and care, I knew this was where I wanted to go.

November 2006 first attempt and IVF failed due to poor quality embryos.

Came back home to the UK and researched how to try to get optimum good quality eggs, acupuncture was my answer, so I started going to a lovely Chinese Dr who cared for me very well also. I did this for 6 months on a weekly basis, ready to go back to Dr Malpani in India in October 2007. 2nd IVF attempt, got pregnant but miscarried early 5.5 weeks. This time my eggs and subsequently the embryos had been good quality grade A embryos.

Came back home and started the Acupuncture again, as well as taking Chinese Herbs. July 2008 went back to India to Dr Malpani, This time Grade A embryos again, 2 weeks later a positive pregnancy test, 5 week scan showed up 3 sacs, 7 weeks scan showed 2 sacs with 2 embryos in them, 10 weeks scan showed 1 embryo developing well, the other stopped growing.

April 2009 gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby girl.

My advise to anyone who is about to jump on the fertility rollercoaster, if you have a dream go with it, do not give up, - look how complicated out situation is and we have got a baby !

Dr Malpani(s) are fantastic, from the word go full of positive vibes, I quote Dr Malpani in one of the very first email's he sent me a female of your age, I would say has got a 80% chance of getting pregnant within 3 attempts of IVF What can I say - He was right! They know their job, better than most, topped with this is a non-stressful environment in the clinic. Caring staff, who will go the extra mile for you.

India is a fantastic Country, Mumbai is amazing, have a holiday at the same time has your IVF cycle, with people who care !

I will be going back for baby number 2, 3 & hopefully 4 if I do not get too old!

Take good care of yourself, and pray, and your prayers and dreams will come true.

A delighted couple & baby from the UK.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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