Rajneesh Sinha shares his experience of how he and his wife had a traumatic experience of undergoing four IUIs and one cycle of IVF over a period of five years to no avail. He then explains their association with the Malpanis and how life changed into a beautiful dream once again.

Rajneesh Sinha

We had already undergone 4 IUIs and 1cycle of IVF over a period of 5 years to no avail, after she was diagnosed as a case of PCOS and me with a low sperm count. We decided to undergo ICSI about which i had read in a medical journal .The Malpani clinic was suggested to us by my uncle whose friend had been succesfully treated there.The idea was to give it the best shot at the best place and have no regrets later in life.

Our association with the Malpanis began on the net in june2005 and once the dates were finalised we came to Bombay and started our first ICSIcycle.5 good embryos were obtained of which 4 were implanted.Beta HCG also came +ve with the first scan showing a sac.All of us were very excited and hopeful ! But unfortunately it stopped growing from the 7th week onwards with no evidence of life.We came to know that the only thing more painful than being infertile was to lose a pregnancy having achieved it against the odds.We would also think once in a while about the 5th embryo and wonder what if we had transfered that also? We waited for 3 months and the very fact that she had got pregnant the first time gave us a lot of confidence. At least we had reached somewhere we had only thought of in our dreams.So our 2nd cycle of ICSI began in Feb 2006 with a lot of optimism from our side.

6 embryos devoloped and all were transfered. Both of us were extremely disappointed when we got a -ve Beta HCG report.We did not know what to do next? One year went by before we both could muster enough courage and will to start our 3rd cycle.Again the cycle reached a stage of 6 embryos(thanks to the Malpanis ,where reaching this stage we had begun to take for granted ,a no mean feat by itself).All 6 were transfered .This time we were feeling slightly detached and i would not even slow the car on the rough parts of the road as we went to give the blood samples.

This time it again came+ve but we were extremely guarded in our response having seen the worst the first time.The magical moment came when we saw not 1 but 2 hearts beating a few weeks later. We had twins! Every next scan, we went prepared for the worst but both have pulled through the first timester.We know twins are as it is a high risk pregnancy .We hope for the best and mentally prepare for the worst taking it one week at a time. We are constantly in touch with the Malpanis through the net and anxiously await their prompt and reassuring mail; after all this would not have been possible without them. Now only hope is that it is an uneventful and healthy pregnancy till the end.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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