My husband and I went private because my GP stated he could not help because the cut off age in our area was 45 to receive IVF treatment on the NHS. He referred me to a consultant for private treatment. I had all the blood tests and my partner a sperm test on the NHS before seeing the consultant. He gave me a scan. I had an operation to remove fibroids a couple of years prior to this. He explained that there was an acute shortage of eggs donors because of the change of law which allows young people at the age of 18 to find out about their biological parents. I am a black woman and my husband is white and he said that there were no black egg donors as far as he was aware. He advised us to try a clinic in Barcelona, Spain for IVF treatment as the law there still provided anonymity for donors. Meantime he gave me a course of Clomid to take for 6 weeks warning me that it was a long shot and if it worked there was a risk of multiple pregnancies.

We found the website for the clinic in Barcelona. Around the same time we read a story in the Times about a woman receiving IVF treatment in India. So we researched the internet for women willing to donate eggs and IVF clinics worldwide.

I was impressed with Dr Malpani's website which was very comprehensive. Everything you wanted to know was on Dr Malpani web site, i.e. which hotel to consider depending on your budget. We read the Malpanis' book on how to have a baby again and again. I emailed Dr Malpani and I received responses very quickly and so began our journey.

We continued to email Dr Malpani about our options, and what we needed to do and when they would be available (not over Christmas). We were both able to get 4 weeks off work, with permission, in October 2007. We arrived in Mumbai on Sunday morning, checked into our hotel and located the clinic. We saw Dr Malpani Monday afternoon. Day one of the treatment begins with the start of your period. Unfortunately it was not clear that I should have arrived and started menstruating shortly after arriving. So it was touch and go at the beginning whether the procedure would take place in the time we were there or whether I would have to come back another time. This was a major worry at the beginning because the implication of obtaining further time off work and explaining why I needed to go back to Mumbai.

The Malpani's were very sympathetic and prescribed medication to speed my cycle up. Then it all happened on the Wednesday of the second week and I was never so glad to have my period. The procedure was able to take place. I then relaxed and enjoyed my time in India going on a few trips. I confirmed my pregnancy in November 2007. I had had a number of problems at the beginning of the pregnancy, specifically bleeding. I finally told people after four months into the pregnancy. I now have beautiful twins, a boy and a girl, now ten months old.

I can't thank both Dr Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani enough for their professionalism and caring nature in making my dream of a family come true.


Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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