I am 37yrs old and my wife is 32yrs old . We got married in 1994 and straight away we decided to have children and be a family. Every month for two years we thought this month my wife will be pregnant, but things were not so easy as we thought. Then after 2yrs we sought medical advise abroad in south Africa as there are no doctors in the infertility field where we live. The doctors performed tests and found out my wife was not ovulating and she had polycystic ovaries, my sperm count was normal, they gave her Clomid to take for six months, we tried but to no avail. Then after that we heard about a hospital in Cape Town know as Tygerberg which was famous at that time and went to see the doctor there, and he decided to do a GIFT procedure so we agreed with him and started the treatment, after a month when the final day came for the pregnancy blood test the result was negative.

One year later we went to south Africa again but this time in Johanessburg at a hospital know as Wilgehuwel there the doctors saw our report and performed more test and decided we should go for IVF. We agreed and started the treatment after the treatment was over we came back home and didn't wait for the results, after two weeks we did the blood test to find out if she has fall pregnant but even this time the result was negative we really felt heart broken. Six months later we went again to the same doctor and he did the same procedure but to no avail. We then thought to wait for a while as it was too much for us to go through this again and again and even finance was a problem.

Two years later we heard about Harley street in London UK hospital known as Women's clinic where it specializes infertility , there the doctor decided to do IVF with ICSI, they did the procedure it was quite expensive but still we went for it that this time it will definitely work, we didn't even come back home but waited for the results but when the blood test was done we kept our fingers crossed and the next morning we got a call from the clinic that the result was negative, we cried over it and decided not to have any more treatments again. We even gave a thought that with 10% to 20% chance it is very difficult for my wife to conceive, every hospital where we had treatment the success rate was the same.

INDIA MUMBAI Three and half years later once I was surfing the net and thought to see infertility specialist in India . In Mumbai I got the list of top doctors name in which one was Dr. Aniruddha Malpani. I emailed my problem to few top doctors , and told them what treatment we had done so far , but to be honest I was not serious about it as I did not expect to get a reply.

I got a reply from three doctors , of which one was from Malpani Infertility Clinic. I went on their website and it seemed quite interesting because the success rate was up to 40%, the treatment cost was half the price then what we were paying else where, and I was quite impressed that the way they do the treatment was different from what we had done before. I and my wife started becoming serious about it. We then made a plan to go Mumbai and we booked the appointment with three doctors. We arrived in Mumbai and my first appointment was at Malpani Infertility Clinic with Dr. Aniruddha Malpani, and when I first met him I was very pleased to see their simplicity, honesty and care for the patients which I have never seen anywhere before.

We had a long talk ; asked him so many questions ; and he went through our reports; answered each and every thing in detail and told us the best option would be IVF, and I will need only one blood sample from your wife to see if she will respond to the medication. This was amazing to me as when you go to a different doctor for the first time they do lots of tests even though you have the past tests reports with you. I told him let me think for a day. The same day I had an appointment with another doctor at a different hospital and I went to see her . She was a lady doctor. We waited there for hours before we were called and when we started our conversation, she didn't have time to answer our questions and started making a big list of the blood tests to be done. We told her let us think before we decide to go on with the treatment and she told us in a very bad manner - You got all your life to decide and don't waste my time. She was paid for the appointment - it was not free. Then both of us decided not to go anywhere but have the treatment at Malpani Infertility Clinic, where you are attended and answered even if you ask the same question ten times.

MALPANI INFERTILITY CLINIC We then went the next day and met Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and told him we want to go on with the treatment with you. He took the blood sample and injected my wife to bring on her periods, and from day one of her cycle they started with the injections to grow her eggs . Dr. Anjali Malpani kept monitoring her with the ultra sound scan, and when they were ready they took them out and fertilized with my sperms and kept in the incubator for three days, and when they reached the embryo stage they picked the best and put them back. After three days we flew back to our country and as told we did a blood test after two weeks the result this time was POSITIVE we couldn't believe it and straight away I contacted Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and told him about the good news.

He told me to repeat the test in a weeks time to reconfirm it, till then we told no one. Then after a week when it was positive we told our family and they were over joyed with the happiness, that after thirteen years my wife fell pregnant. Then Dr. Aniruddha told us to have a scan done which confirmed a sac, then he told us to repeat the scan after two weeks which we did and they were two sacs meaning multiple pregnancy, we were over the moon to find out my wife carrying twins. We then at 25 weeks of pregnancy flew to London where the delivery was planned and unfortunately at 29 weeks my wife started to bleed and was admitted in hospital. Three days later they had to do a caesarean because the heartbeat of one baby was going low. Both baby boys were born safely and weighed 1.1kg & 1.3kg . They were rushed to NNU and stayed there for six weeks. Then after discharge we came back to our country and they are growing fine with no problems. We are leading a happy life after battling for thirteen years.

MY EXPERIENCE AT MALPANI INFERTILITY CLINIC Not because I achieved what I wanted but to be honest I have been through lots of hospitals and clinic and have met with lots of doctors but I have not seen doctors like Dr.Aniruddha Malpani & Dr.Anjali Malpani plus the whole team that works there . For me it was just like a family and the support which they are giving to each and every patient is unbelievable. Imagine I had contact throughout my wife's pregnancy with Dr. Malpani and he used to reply me straight away. Which doctor has time after he has been paid and his job is over ? Even though the treatment would have failed I wouldn't mind going again. I don't have any words to thank them . I am sure God will reward them all for the work they are doing to help childless couples. My advice to childless couples is - Don't give up hope , epecially when there are doctors like Dr. Aniruddha Malpani & Dr. Anjali Malpani.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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