I am Sangeetha a Registered Nurse of Indian origin who now lives in the USA. I have been married for 8 years have been and trying to get pregnant for the same amount of time. We started with so many IUIs (artificial insemination) in the USA with no success and decided to do our first IVF in India where our parents lived. That time I was a novice patient and later realized that I was victimized by the care I had received from that clinic. I would say that it was a very unpleasant experience and caused us extreme frustration.

The doctor was not a real Reproductive Endocrinologist, she was a OBG, grouping a number of patients in one schedule not considering that each patient is different and there was a RE who came from different state on the day of egg retrieval and did the procedure for all patients on the same day. We were not aware of the quality of the lab and embryologist who care for the embryos. They only showed us the embryos but did not give the pictures and our medical records. The ridiculous thing happened after 14 days was she prescribed me more progesterone shots from her pharmacy even though my HCG blood test came back negative!!!!!!!!! Just the money was the target there.... unbelievable.

We took one year to let our wound heal from previous experience and decided to do 2 nd IVF in USA itself. We went to one famous clinic and the journey was filled with so many questions which were never answered. But somehow we made 1 grade1 blastocyst which was transferred. The HCG was negative this time too. (Crying). I said to my husband that I gave up...no more shots....we were depressed. The urge to have a baby was getting more intense and we were looking for other options like adoption. I was also calling and emailing other famous doctors in India for my 3 rd IVF, but they all sounded money oriented and I did not want to consider those doctors. One fine day in 2011 when I was browsing the Internet , I came across Dr. Malpani's website. My eyes were attracted to the free online consultation.... really....why not just give it a try.. I submitted the online form and was hoping to get a reply in a week or more. What a surprise!!! I can't believe he emailed me back within 12-24 hrs. (until now he is always replied me within 12 hours of my email). He was serious and asking me so many questions regarding my previous embryo pictures and blood test results. It shows his passion and wanting to help me...just not money oriented like others. That day I decided he is going to be my doctor. Dr.Malpani's website was full of infertility information, like an ocean.

I started educating myself and asked many questions in general as well as our treatment plan. He was very kind and patient to reply me back and he eve forwarded some of the research articles, which were useful for answering my questions. His website itself was transparent regarding the price for each procedure. He was educating the patients to be proactive in their care and be knowledgeable to be effective contributors. Wonderful doctor I have ever seen. And we went to Mumbai and met Dr.Malpani the first time. He did my scan, staff were pleasant, clinic was not crowded and each patient was given one on one care. On the day of embryo transfer they showed our embryos (none to freeze) and transferred them while he was engaging me in conversation. We left the clinic with no questions (all our questions were answered), peaceful and confident, but unfortunately HCG came back negative. We were disappointed but surprisingly, not that depressed like before knowing that we had tried our best. It was easy this time to keep our mind in peace.

We did not give up right away. We wanted to go back to Dr.Malpani's clinic for our 4 th IVF, but deciding to look for option B and C such as donor egg or donor embryo. We decided to go for donor egg. This time it was even smoother and we got 11 grade 1embies. I requested Dr.Malpani to transfer 4 and he said, you are the boss, I will follow what you say. He respected his patients' decision like always and transferred 4 embies. Actually I followed my instincts to transfer 4 embies. After 7 days of my transfer I did my urine pregnancy test saw faint line....OMG I started crying...after waiting this long...My 1 st hcg level was 65 and it was doubling accordingly. I am 14 weeks pregnant now with single baby!!!:)J. So far my pregnancy is healthy.

Just thank you is not enough for Dr. Malpani's services...I wish the clinic staff all the good things in life.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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