It all started with the patient discovering that she had an endometriosis cyst on the right side of her ovary. She was told that this kind of cyst does not go with medication, it needs to be either removed with laparoscopy or one needs to become pregnant. Finally she approached the Malpani Clinic and got it resolved. Here is her complete story.

Hello Everyone, I am writing this note to share with you all my experience before, during & after taking treatment with Dr.Malpani.

It all started with me discovering that I had an Endometriotic Cyst on the right side of my Ovary.I went to Gynaecsto show my self as to what can be done about it. This kind of Cyst does not go with medication, it needs to be either removed with laparoscopy or one needs to become pregnant.

The First Gynac I showed without asking me anything said, that she would immediately perform the laparoscopy & remove the cyst, as if it was no big deal to get a laparoscopy done. By doing laparoscopy she would also be removing ovarian tissues from my body.

The Second Gynac said that I would need to try for Conception immediately after my laparoscopy was done & the cyst removed, since the cyst would form again in 6 months. At that time my husband was not ready for my pregnancy at that time.

Then I came to Dr. Malpani to take counseling. He said that it is not necessary that cyst needs to be removed, it does not disturb anything, since it was less than 5 mm. He said that first I should normally try for pregnancy & the first test needed if not conceiving is the tube test.

I got my tube test done & discovered that there was some blockage in my tubes.The Gynaec whom I was locally showing said that the tubes can get opened with laparoscopy. She performed the laparoscopy & hysteroscopy & the tubes were opened, the cyst was removed.

Then I was advised to get IUI done before opting for IVF. I started with the IUI injections, & got IUI done 4 times. In the middle I skipped a month since I dint want to get IUI done regularly.

When all this didn't materialize I left everything for a few months & was trying normally. Since my husband's report was normal & now things were normal in me.

After few months I discovered that I have a polyp which could also be the cause for me not conceiving.

I came to Dr. Malpani & discussed the reports. He was of the opinion that I should get Hysteroscopy done to remove the polyp & then go in for IVF. I got Hysteroscopy done from Dr. Anjali Malpani, I dint want to get it done from any other doctor since in my opinion the Dr who is going to do the future treatment should do the pretreatment too since he will know everything about the uterus position.

After Hysteroscopy I took a break for a month, & then came to him for IVF treatment. Everyone in his clinic is very warm & friendly. Dr. responds to all emails & queries so quickly & you can ask him anything under this roof that is troubling you.

The main reason for me conceiving during the IVF is that I totally gave my all worries to Dr & was chilled, I told him you are the boss, you have to get me pregnant, I am in your hands.

My treatment started with Dr Malpani, he aspirated my cyst & started with the medication. All the sisters were very helpful during the course of the treatment; they used to tell me when to take what injection. If Dr was getting late, they used to call in and tell to come in later for the scan so that I would not have to wait for long there.

I must not forget to mention the Dr. Anesthetist, he was so friendly that I never felt I am taking the dose.

Just to end in. . I would say that I came in the right hands & with their efforts & Gods grace I am going to be a mother now.

I would like to thank each & everyone in the clinic for all their efforts & support for bringing this joyous moment in my life.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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