Here is another success story of a couple who were trying for a baby since long...

We arrived in Bombay on 16 august /2009 for infertility treatment. This was our first trip We were too naive to India and we were less confident and stressed out. Because we had a limited budget, Our first priority preoccupation was how to get cheap accomadation in such an expensive city. We shared our problem with doctor Malpani the day we arrived at his ivf clinic. His receptionist He guided us to consult his receptionist called Almirah.

She advised us to go to Hotel Happy Home, which is very close to the clinic and has a reasonable price.

After settling our accommodation problem, my wife Tsega has started her medication immediately. The simplicity and crystal clear communication communicable behavior of Dr. Malpani and the treatment and approach of his staff was a major source of confidence and strength in a country in which we did not know anyone. Do not know soon we have developed a good personal relationship with Dr. Malpani and his staff. In fact they were considering our problem as their's ! .

Regarding the quality of medication and the swift and timely service of the clinic my personal evaluation under solid ground is that it is excellent.

Services like scanning, blood tests and taking the injections getting of medicines is done smoothly and without and delay. Personal attention treatments and respect for patients is excellent and it is one of the causes of their high success rates!

Confidence and love.

Thanks to Dr Malpani's team, I can now look into my newborn son's eyes daily!

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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