Sahanis from India recount their experience that they had with Malpani Clinic. A visit to the Malpani Clinic doubled their happiness as they found a new ray of hope. Here is all that you wish to know...

Sahani from India write...

Married at the age of 26, children were supposed to be just the next natural happening in every body's life. We are working couples and my husband was posted somewhere else, so one one year flew by quickly. When he managed to get a job so we could be together, we started to focus on our future. However after one year we thought that there is something wrong. Our gynecologist suggested the necessary tests (i.e. foliculometry, sperm count etc.), but the effort went to vain & suggested we should wait a little. However people around us were restless, some suggested to check thyroid regulatory, some blamed that I was too thin. We worked on each & every suggestion. Many suggested religious methods, fasting, saying a particular mantra etc. I one of our routine meeting with our gynecologist, she suggested test for T.B. of endometrium. After the test we were shocked it was positive. We were always worried that what is the quantum of damage it has done to reproductive system.

There was a great uncertainty whether I'll be able to conceive after it is treated. After 10 long months finally my report was negative. My gynecologist suggested IVF since time was precious; by that time I crossed my thirty. She suggested your name for the treatment, we searched your website if any and we found the same. After raising our query we got the prompt reply, and this was end of our worry. Thus began a series of e-mails. Your prompt replay and explanation removed all the doubt we had in our mind. Straight, we had decided to go for the treatment as soon as it becomes possible.

We went to your clinic at Colaba on 30th June and the treatment begin on 1st of July - 04. The entire schedule was well planned and your staff was sincere and co- operative. The treatment ended on 16th of July -04. Our stay at your clinic was comfortable and friendly. It is difficult to put in the words. With hope on god we returned to our home. As per schedule on 30 July - 04 the Beta hCG report came positive and our worries completely vanished. After the scan report I came to know that I have twins. Our happiness has increased manyfold ! But the remaining worries started coming to mind that how will be the next coming nine months. Right now the first three-month have passed by smoothly . I am now pregnant and hope the remaining month will be comfortable and soon my role will change as mother.

Many many thanks to Dr. Anirudha and Dr. Anjali Malpani and their colleagues for their meticulous work. Our best wishes that this clinic will scale new height in coming years.

Sahani from India

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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