Janet from UK wanted to conceive and in the process managed to learn about the various options to conceive like IVF, ICSI, Donor sperm, IUI and many others but nothing yielded positive results. She then decided to approach Malpani Clinic and here is what her experience was like...

Janet from UK

We got married in Dec 2002 and after about one and a half years of married life decided to start a family, after six months of trying we were disappointed to know that I didn't get pregnant, since a year my menstrual cycle had become very irregular(once in 2-3months) and each time I thought I may be pregnant but was disappointed on knowing that I'm not, finally we consulted our family physician in Jan 2005 who suggested that my husband get a sperm test done, we visited a local infertility clinic which is supposed to be one of the best in our city and were devastated to know that my husband was azoospermic(bilateral absence of vas deferns). I too had a couple of tests like hormone blood test, ultrasound scan which revealed that I had PCOS. We learnt about the various options we had like IVF,ICSI,Donor sperm,IUI and finally decided to try a cycle of IVF-ICSI since the doctor there suggested that it was our best option.

We decided to have our ICSI cycle in May 2005.The entire ICSI experience was a nightmare I should say,my husband underwent a surgery for sperm retrieval (MESA and TESA), which were frozen after which I had to take hormonal injections for about 25 days. There was only one nurse who had to attend to all the patients and so one had to wait for hours to get the injection, also the nurse was very rude, perhaps because she was overloaded with too much work.Also we were just given a rough idea of the program and told that it would take about 45 days to complete one cycle, the doctor wouldn't be available to answer our doubts also. On the second day of the cycle the doctor dialated my cervix and I wasn't informed about it in advance, I had gone to the clinic alone, the procedure left me dizzy and in pain and I was bleeding and I was just put in a bed next to another IUI patient,asked to rest for sometime after which I could go home.

After about an hour I recovered and the lady in the bed next to me was kind enough to arrange an auto for me to get back home,my husband was very annoyed. We were told that I had grown 24 follicles but the embryos were of poor quality except for 2 which were transferred on the 3rd day after the egg collection, we were neither shown our embryos nor given a satisfying explanation as to why my eggs were of poor quality. The cycle failed and we were devastated. Also the treatment wasn't centralized in one place, for my check up and scans I had to visit the gynecologists clinic and made to wait along with other patients who were not of the infertile group and I would be so upset to see pregnant women coming for their routine check ups and ask God as to why we were one among the millions of infertile couples, would be in tears most of the time.

We decided to take a break and then try another ICSI cycle sometime in September 2005 in the same clinic.We even paid an advance of 50,000 rs. In the meantime on one fine day somewhere around 2nd week of second week of September I did browse the net for top infertility clinics in India and that is where I got to know of Malpani Infertility Clinic. I did fill up the details for a free consultation and was happy to see an immediate reply, I did discuss the details with my husband and we then consulted our family physician and asked him to enquire about the clinic, he said he'll ask his friends in Mumbai to enquire about the clinic and get back to us in a week and then he did call us up to say that it was a good clinic and that we could go ahead and try another round of ICSI.

We then cancelled the advance paid towards ICSI with the local clinic and they were rude enough to deduct 500 Rs as penalty for cancellation of registration.I then started corresponding with Dr.Malpani who suggested PESA-ICSI as the treatment for us,he was also kind enough to mail us the details such as the medicines which would be administered and the probable days when the various procedures like egg collection and sperm retrieval would be done, this helped us to plan our trip better. We prayed together asking God to help us plan our treatment and provide all the resources for the same and finally in March 2006 I left for Mumbai.My treatment began on March 3rd. Dr.Malpani instructed his staff to pack the injections for me so that I need not travel everyday to the clinic just to take an injection and asked me to take it in any nearby clinic.

This saved me from the stress of traveling 4 hours to and fro to the clinic.I did visit the clinic a couple of times for my scan.My husband arrived on 15th morn and the egg collection and sperm retrieval was done that evening.We were shown how the ICSI was done,also they were kind enough to provide us a room for our overnight stay.The room was comfortable and also offered us 24 hour internet access. The embryo transfer was done on 17th. I had grown 11 follicles and 4 embryos were transferred.I was shown our embryo's before the transfer, felt so happy to see the 4 celled embryo's. I had gone alone that day for the transfer procedure since my husband had to leave for UK on an outstation assignment and the staff were kind enough to offer me a room next to the reception counter so that I could call on them anytime I needed help.Dr.Malpani said I could travel back home 3 days after the procedure and asked me to get a BHCG test done on the 31st.I did visit a local diagnostic centre on 31st morn and gave my blood sample for the BHCG test.

They asked me to collect the report that eve. My husband did call me up from the UK that eve to tell me that it didn't matter even if the test result was negative and I shouldn't be upset if things weren't positive since I was more important to him than anything in this world.I was very nervous that eve when I opened the envelope to read the test result and was overjoyed to know that I was pregnant.I did call up Dr.Malpani who was very happy to hear the result. My husband was also overjoyed to hear the news. Repeated BHCG tests done on alternate days revealed that the HCG levels were increasing positively. Dr.Malpani asked me to get a scan done on the 7th which showed a single sac. I was kinda disappointed since I somehow felt that I may be carrying twins since my HCG levels were increasing more than double. Another scan on the 17th revealed two sacs and confirmed I was carrying twins, I was overjoyed. Did call up my husband who was also very happy to hear the news.

My husband returned from the UK on 21st morn and that eve I started bleeding and passed two big clots of blood, I was devastated, thought I lost the babies, did call up Malpani clinic and . Malpani asked me to relax and take Depin tablets and then get a scan done after a couple of days, My husband and me prayed together asking God to protect our little ones. I decided to rest for a few days and on May 1st got a scan done which revealed two little hearts pounding away to glory. Also there was a third empty sac.We thanked God for saving our babies. I did have spotting during the first three months which left me anxious and worried and I would mail Dr.Malpani every now and then with my doubts and he would patiently reply to all my mails immediately. From the 4th month onwards I got better, the nausea and vomiting stopped. I would keep Dr.Malpani updated about myself after each check up and he would assure me that things are going fine. Finally at 38.5 weeks I delivered boy/girl twins via c-section.

We really thank Dr.Malpani and his team for bringing these twin joys into our lives. The entire treatment experience at the Malpani clinic was a very satisfying one.We were impressed by their professionalism and hospitality. Since we had already gone through a cycle of ICSI at a local clinic, we could really compare the difference. The Malpani clinic which is situated in an apartment offers a very homely atmosphere, one doesn't feel that one is in a hospital at all. The staff are also very warm,friendly and approachable. Dr.Malpani is also readily available to answer ones queries and doubts. Also there is transparency where all the procedures are performed in our presence. The treatment is 100% value for money I should say.

We thank God for showing us the way to Dr.Malpani's clinic and working through him in helping us start a family,we pray that God Amlighty bless Dr.Malpani and use him and his team mightily in bringing happiness to millions of childless couples.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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