Here's what one of our patients from the US had to say about their experience at Malpani Infertility Clinic. Paulette and her husband Don share their IVF experience. You can email them if you want to talk about infertility and IVF treatment - they've all been there and done that.

Paulette from USA writes:

I would like to share our story about our quest for a baby and our journey to India , from Northern California. My name is Paulette and my husbands name is Don. I will start by sharing with you my brief medical history , and why I decided to travel to India in hopes to be a MOM. I am 34, at the age of fourteen I was diagnosed with pre-mature ovarian failure, I had hormone levels (FSH ) of a menopausal women. The cause of this really is not known, nor was there any explanation for it. I quit having a period at the age of fourteen and never had one again only by means of taking birth control so I could maintain a healthy heart and strong bones. So I had seen several fertility doctors in California some of the best in the world. I had consults with IVF clinics and the cost for IVF in California is between $40,000.00-$60,000.00 with donor eggs and my husbands sperm.

Most clinics will only implant two embryos due to my age. My oldest sister was in the doctor's office and picked up a Glamour magazine there was an article on in vitro-fertilization in India. So she had mentioned it to me, so I started researching online. I found Dr. Malpani's clinic. I had read all the testimonials on his site of the couples who have been to India, and sought treatment from the Malpani's. So I talked to my husband regarding my research and at first I have to tell you he was totally against going to a third world country first of all, and for this type of treatment he was skeptical. When I explained to him all the options and the money that we would spend in the U.S. for the same treatment, it started to make sense to him. I said look if I have IVF in the U.S. it will take all the equity out of our home , and if it is not successful we basically have nothing. But if we go to India we can make a journey out of, a vacation, and still do upgrades to our home.

If it is not a success well at least we can say we had an experience of a life time to travel to another country. So I booked our flight for April 8th , 2006 to Bombay, India. I bought books about India and researched restaurants , hotels and the culture in India. When we arrived in India on April 9th, 2006 it was very humid. We got a pre-paid taxi before we left the airport to take us to our hotel. On April 10, 2006 was our first official meeting with Drs. Malpani's. It was a very busy clinic; however the staff and the people in India were very humble. We discussed the treatment which I already had known about via email correspondence prior to coming to India. Treatment started on April 12th our first impression of Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and Dr. Anjali Malpani was via email which they were very responsive to our emails - nothing like the treatment you receive here in the states. I have to say I was impressed here in the States you call the doctors offices talk to someone who has no clue about you or the care you need.

Your call to your doctors most often is not returned the same day or sometimes even longer. Here in the States it is like you are just another number. I have to say at the Malpani Clinic we were treated great and the treatment was like no other. The rooms at the clinic were sanitary, and simple in decor. During our stay in India I had gotten sick the day I was to have my ultrasound, when I arrived at the clinic let's just say I was not doing good. The nurses/sisters at the clinic were so caring and assisted me to a room where I rested and was given some medication to stop my vomiting. Had I been in the U.S. I would have waited in an emergency room for hours and insurance been billed an outrageous amount of money. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the treatment I got, when you are thousand of miles from home and half way across the world and have quality treatment like I received from the staff and the level of caring/concern .

I was not a number I was a person receiving quality healthcare in a Third world country. On April 26th, 2006 was our big day - the day we would find out how many good embryos we had and how many were going to implant. We met with Dr. Malpani and saw our embryos and found that there were 6 good embryos. We decide to implant all 6, I know it sounds like a lot but when you have came this far we thought might as well go for it and we could discuss other options later right now for me my gut instinct told me do all 6. So I did. We stayed an additional three days in India. We headed back home on April 28th, 2006 we were excited to go home, however we were sad to say good-bye to the friends we had met in India and everyone at the Clinic. It was like we were leaving part of our family behind. Now it was a waiting game the results for the Beta-HCG test. May 8th the results to one of the biggest events in our lives.

IT WAS POSITIVE. We are pregnant!!! You have no idea how long I waited to hear those words. And when I told my family they were so excited. Now the big question is how many babies are we going to have? Well on May 26th, 2006 second sonogram I had (because the first one you could not see the baby) showed we are going to be parents of one baby. We were so happy that we implanted all 6 embryos, and we will have our one miracle baby. I trusted my instincts . I heard a saying once - Trust your gut instinct , it is God whispering to you.

My due date is January 14th, 2007 I am now three months pregnant and I have to say it is so awesome knowing I have a baby growing inside me. I want to thank Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani, the staff at the clinic and all the people who have supported us in our dreams in having a baby. If you are wanting to have a baby I truly recommend going to India and seek treatment from Drs. Malpani they are a wonderful team. The treatment there is like no other. If you have any questions or concerns about traveling to a third world country seeking treatment for infertility please email me. If you choose to make the journey to India we hope your trip was as successful as ours. Our email address is [email protected]

Paulette from USA

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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