Mr and Mrs Bhatia from Dubai share their experience that they had with Malpani Clinic. After being advised ICSI procedure, Mr and Mrs Bhatia admit that the outcome at the end was really something beautiful.

Mr and Mrs Bhatia from Dubai...

We would like to take this opportunity to allow us to share our entire experience with you and all those are involved or will be involved with this clinic. It all started with our numerous efforts to have a baby which included trips to doctors who kept giving us tablets, other couples & family members who kept pressuring & traumatizing us & also visits to all possible places of worship & astrologists. Then one fine evening during one visit to a good doctor we were advised to stop taking medicines because they don't help in increasing the severe low sperm count condition & were advised to undergo a treatment called ICSI. We researched a lot on what ICSI is all about and all the possible doctors & clinics offering this treatment. In Dubai, that is where we stay, we got an appointment for after a year. We did not want to wait so long so we searched for clinics in India. There were a lot of sites but there was this particular site, which was very informative and gave a very clear picture. Since it is quite an expensive treatment in terms of money & time involved for people from abroad, we were very skeptical as our main aim was that we didn't want to be taken for a ride as the success rate was said to be only about 35% and we wanted someone who we could trust & be comfortable with.

When we first filled our medical record form on Dr. Malpani's web site we were very, very surprised by the very quick & informative response. Then we followed it up by asking a lot of doubts & queries we had & once again we got a quick & to the point response. Our gut feeling said we were on the right track. We immediately planned our vacation & Dr. Malpani's appointment to coincide. Our First visit on 17th Nov. 2003 was a bit nerve-wrecking but we were soon made comfortable & on meeting the very tall Dr. Malpani all our doubts were cleared by him by giving us ample time to ask him personally all our questions despite his very hectic schedule which we realized later. The very strong & to the point attitude of Dr. Anirudha is very well complimented by the cheerful & relaxing attitude of the charming Dr. Anjali.

Our Treatment took less than a month & our ICSI was done on 11th Dec. 2003. To witness the special stage of performing the ICSI was an experience we will never ever forget. It was like watching the work performed in nature by GOD everyday. It was truly remarkable. The stay at the clinic was so comfortable. Every small little detail was taken care of by the ever-helpful staff in every possible way. The rooms were so well done & truly relaxing. There was no feeling of clumsy & sickening hospital room; it was more like a homely atmosphere.

We left for Dubai after 2 days of the ICSI & just could not wait for the
beta-HCG tests to be done to know the outcome. The positive test result was such a beautiful & joyous moment. Dr. Malpani's advise to follow this up, as a normal pregnancy was very helpful though all the doctors referred to it as a precious pregnancy. The entire 280 days of the pregnancy was a new learning experience everyday. Finally on 29th Aug. 2004 at 1.12 am we were blessed with the most beautiful baby girl one could ever wish for. We have named her Jasleen & she is our most precious possession.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell other similar skeptical couples to not to waste time by searching for alternatives. Dr. Malpani's clinic the right place to make their dreams come true. The whole experience should be shared by both the husband & wife as a treatment to their problem as it is never a single person's fault. Running away from the problem or avoiding it is not at all worth it. The outcome at the end is really something beautiful. We would also like to take this opportunity to offer any kind of reply to other couples.

We will be definitely visiting Dr. Malpani's clinic with our baby very soon & giving it one more try for our second baby. Wishing Dr. Malpani's clinic a very successful future in helping couples achieve their dreams.

Mr and Mrs Bhatia from Dubai

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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