A couple from USA is expressing their gratitude to the entire Malpani team. Here they are also sharing their experience and how the journey to parenthood was finally completed. Find out what they have to say.

AS from USA write...

It gives us great pleasure to share our experiences at the Malpani Infertility Clinic in India. We also take this opportunity to convey our sincere regards and thanks to the entire Dr. Malpani's team.

My husband and I got married when we were in the middle of our career. We were both career oriented an dour educated families never gave us any real pressure to have children in our early years of marriage. We took all the possible opportunities to travel to different parts of the world to get better placement in our career. But we knew time is running out to plan for a family. When we decided to get pregnant, it was not too difficult and I conceived in summer of 2001 after six years of our married life. We were quite excited as it all happened at the right age and were hopeful for risk-free pregnancy. Unfortunately I had a spontaneous miscarriage at 6 wk of pregnancy. My doctor consoled me that such spontaneous abortion is a nature's way to eliminate damaged or abnormal embryos.

Our worries began after a year or so of the miscarriage, when we were unable to get pregnant again. Age of 32 years was still not an issue according to the US doctors and they wanted to give us more time to conceive natural ways. We tried one more year using ovulation kit and predicting most fertile period and failed. The frustration was building up and then came series of tests: Hysterosalpingogram (to check Fallopian tube's patency), Laparoscopy (to check the endometrial fibroids and ovarian cysts), complete hormonal account (LH, FSH, estradiol, TSH etc) and of course my husbands complete sperm analysis. All the tests were normal and we were put in the category of Unexplained Infertility. Although we felt very fortunate that everything was normal to have a baby but at the same time it was unclear to us that how much the assisted reproductive technology (ART) can really help us in achieving fertility without a specific problem in the system. Anyway, we didn't have much choice so it started with simple IUI (intrauterine sperm insemination) to taking fertility drugs (clomid tablets to FSH injections) to improve my ovulation status and every cycle, every month ended i na big disappointment. Then the doctors suggested that IVF may be my last chance which I was never convinced as generally IVF is suggested when tubes are blocked and one needs to rescue the fertilization event in apetri-plate. I finally decided to go for it. Again there was an unwanted surprise. My day 3rd FSH level was high and according to a recent study that is indicative of poor ovarian response. However, doctors asked us to wait till a cycle when FSH is normal and may be then I will have better chance in IVF. So we did wait for another cycle when my FSH was normal and underwent IVF. Unfortunately my poor ovarian response produced few immature eggs and those were also unevenly fertilized.

At that point I had given up of having a baby. My strong religious and ethical believes were playing a major role in my decision as I am a strong believer that one can always assist reproduction with new technology but can not play GOD or ALMIGHTY NATURE. In our final follow up meeting with the doctor suggested me for another IVF with ICSI (and deep inside me, I knew these are all false hopes-if egg quality is not good, performing ICSI-intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection is not the choice!) or go for a donor eggs and IVF with my husband's sperm. Then there came a rescuer in our family who willing accepted to be my egg-donor.

When most of the difficult choices were already made,choosing a doctor in India was not at all a difficult task for us, because if you type infertility and India, first 10 most important sites come up inGoogle is Dr. Malpani's site or his discussion in the news. It was also easy to get in touch with him via email. He gave us a very prompt reply when we filled the free-second opinion form on the net. Since then I am amazed by Dr. Aniruddha Maplani's networking. All the treatment plan, synchronization of mine and donor's cycle, getting convenient dates to visit India, everything was kind of a click away. Dr. Aniruddha is so particular in replying the mails that any medical emergency one might have during the pre-treatment plan, one can reassure that it will be taken care of by his timely advice given from thousands of miles away. At times we were skeptical as we have never met the Doctor and his team and even never visited the clinic before. For such dilemma,again Dr. Malpani's web site has solutions and has a series of email buddies whom if you contact you are sure to get an elaborate answer.

Finally we met Dr. Aniruddha Malpani in 2004 and I must say I was impressed by his professionalism. He discussed all our doubts and gave his very straight forward opinion. Dr. Aniruddha is less talkative but he takes his job very seriously. I valued his opinion as at all steps he clearly discussed the limitations of the treatment and never gave us false hopes. Dr. Anjali on the other hand very friendly and always making the tough moments light enough to smile. The clinic is impressively clean and very homely. The staff is very cooperative and friendly. We started our treatment plan, every thing was working out as per the plan, the donor had ample number of eggs, sperm quality of my husband was good enough and then came another unwanted surprise-none of the eggs were fertilized. I could not explain how disappointed we were when we got this news. Dr. Aniruddha explained in detail that emergency ICSI can be still performed on a day old eggs where the chances of having successful pregnancy will drop from initial 50% to 5-15%. I had my reservations with ICSI that there are more chances of getting genetic abnormalities with such a procedure and I was not ready to go for it. We discussed again with Dr. Malpani and he cleared all my fears and doubts and strongly suggested that ICSI is perfectly ethical and risk-free treatment. He also emphasized that with emergency ICSI performed chances are only 15% but definitely better than 0%. We believed in him and said yes and then the miracle happen. Today we have hope, I am 8 weeks pregnant and it takes your breath away to listen to your baby's first heartbeat.

Today, I am very grateful to Dr. Malpani and his entire clinic and wish them all the very best in their noble work. My special thanks and gratitude to all the nurses and staff, especially Miss Muttu, Sonia, Bindu and others.

AS from USA

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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