Sweta Priyadarshini and Manoj Kumar Ojha from Oman underwent numerous efforts but in vain to have a baby. Finally they approached the Malpani Clinic and they managed to have a baby by way of ICSI. Find out more...

Sweta Priyadarshini and Manoj Kumar Ojha write...

We had undergone numerous efforts to have a baby after 2 yrs of our marriage, since 1997.We have gone through almost every possible way to have a baby after visiting a number of famous doctors in India and in Oman where we are residing at present. Doctors in Oman came to a conclusion that it is the case of a PCOD and they told us that there are only 2 ways for its cure - one is Laparoscopy and the second one is IVF . We then started our research and luckily one fine evening we got a copy of Outlook magazine where a comparison of IVF specialists in India was described. We also visited a health website which provided a second opinion from a panel of specialists. Without wasting any time we shot off an e-mail with our medical history and to our delight we got a reply promptly from Dr.Malpani whose article we had already read in Outlook magazine. He also supported the findings of doctors of Oman by reviewing our medical records. We took an appointment for 5th June'2005 and made our holiday plan accordingly.

On our first visit we had a very pleasant experience. No long waiting as usually happened in other clinics. It gives us a mental relaxation. Clinic was very homely - no hospital like odour or sickening effect found . We soon met the charismatic figure , Dr Aniruddha Malpani , who answered all our doubts and queries despite his hectic schedule. We liked his saying that you should always trust the doctor with whom you are getting treatment and that you should be well informed. It was really very comforting for both of us - Aniruddha Malpani's advice and the cheerful & relaxing attitude of Dr. Anjali. They told us that chances for having a baby is around 40% since we were young .Our treatment took less than a month and ICSI was performed on 30th of June 2005 . I immediately came back to Oman to join duty , leaving my wife at my residence in Mumbai. We really got disappointed and felt unfortunate when after 12 days of the ICSI , the result was negative . At first we thought the same story we had experienced with other doctors in the past was going to be repeated, but we remembered the words of Doctor Aniruddha Malpani - trust in your doctor , which gave us strength. The consoling advice from Dr Malpanis worked and he advised us to go for another session of treatment after giving rest of one month. We mentally prepared ourselves for our second cycle. Since my wife was all alone in Mumbai, she used to visit the clinic by herself, where she was given very cordial, heartfelt and personal attention by Dr Aniruddha , Dr Anjali and the whole staff on every visit , so that she never felt any discomfort . Mentally she became relaxed and stronger , which is required for this treatment. Just 5 days before ICSI was to be performed , I dashed to Mumbai from Oman. ICSIwas performed on 25th of August'2005 and for our pleasure this time it was a positive result . Our jubiliation has no bounds.

Dr Malpanis have done a great job and we were really impressed by them. Dr Malpani advised us that pregnancy should be treated like any other normal pregnancy but after hearing our story , our doctors in Oman here have been treating this pregnancy as a PRECIOUS PREGNANCY . We are really feeling something special and it happened only because of the precise treatment provided by Dr Anirudh Malpani and Dr Anjali Malpani. We are looking forward to visiting the Clinic somewhere in Dec'2005 with our baby in hand.

We would like to take this opportunity to tell other couples that Dr. Malpani's clinic is the right place to make their dreams come alive. The whole experience should be shared by both the husband & wife as a treatment to their problem as it is never a single person's fault. Running away from the problem or avoiding it is not at all worth it. The outcome at the end is really something very beautiful. We would also like to take this opportunity to offer any kind of reply to other couples.

We wish Dr. Malpani's clinic a very successful future , and a long life to both of them , so that they provide help to the needy couples in making their dreams come alive.


Sweta Priyadarshini and Manoj Kumar Ojha

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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