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A couple from USA express their great appreciation and gratitude for the Infertility treatment that they received at Dr. Malpani's clinic. The couple's faith was kept alive by the Malpani Clinic after having two failed ICSI attempts.

Couple from USA

We would like to express our great appreciation and gratitude for the Infertility treatment we received at Dr. Malpani's clinic. We are thankful for Dr. Malpani's encouragement and support for keeping our "faith alive" after two failed ICSI attempts. We are glad to report that my wife is 3 months pregnant now on the third ICSI cycle and we feel blessed with God's grace.

We must say, even after living in probably the most technological advanced country in the world and going through consultation and medical treatments.. we did not feel the same warmth and personal human touch we felt in Dr. Malpani's clinic in the USA.

We are keeping our fingers crossed and praying for successful pregnancy of my wife in April '05. May God continue bringing sucees and happiness in Dr. Malpanis' and their patients lives.

With our best wishes,

PS: We will keep Dr. Malpani appraised of further developments as this pregnancy progresses.

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