Our anxiety dissipated rapidly within the first few minutes of our conversation with Dr. Malpani. The interesting fact about this matter is that there were no tall claims made to put us at ease. There was a very positive atmosphere during our discussion. A brief study of our case (we had our relevant medical reports ready with us) led to a decision of ICSI treatment for us. The doctor explained it to us and replied to all the concerns raised by us.The doctor was very frank about the positive and negative aspects of the treatment. The important points like probability of side effects, medication and the cost of treatment were explained neatly. Since I am a bit afraid of pain of injections, the doctor suggested a kind of injection which is very less painful although it costs a lot. We left the clinic with a lot optimism and confidence.

I was in touch with the doctor and the staff throughout the treatment. All my queries were promptly answered (on phone and in person). Both Dr. Aniruddha and Dr. Anjali were so caring throughout the treatment that I always left the clinic bubbling with confidence. Besides the oral medication, the hormonal injections had to be taken every day until the egg retrieval day. I visited my family doctor for getting the injections. Sometimes I visited the Malpani clinic to get the injection as these trips to the clinic gave me a lot of comfort.

I was very anxious on the eggs retrieval day. It was the first time I ever needed to take anaesthesia in my life. Despite a lot of encouragement from my near and dear ones, I was still a distance away from comfort zone. However, as Dr. Anjali and the staff took over, I was a lot more relaxed. She has always managed to put me at ease. The procedure went quite well and her optimism boosted my confidence. I was initially quite scared about this procedure, but this scary bubble simply popped , leaving me wondering later on "why did I bother so much about it".

On the embryo transfer day, we decided to go for transfer of two embryos. The procedure was smooth. Dr. Aniruddha was very jovial during the process and I did not realize that the embryo transfer was over so quickly. We were given a file with the list of medicines to be followed for next two weeks. Dr. Malpani's had done their best and now everything was all left to Mother Nature.

The waiting period was the longest time to pass for us. On the date when we had to check for pregnancy, we were very disappointed when the home test kit produced a negative result. We were sad, but there was no regret as we had given it our best shot. The fact that we had taken the treatment at a top clinic and the doctors had done the best that could have been done, was a soothing balm for us.In the meanwhile, we got a call from Dr. Malpani clinic enquiring about the result. The negative results was a setback for all of us. However, we were encouraged to still go for the Beta HCG blood test. We decided to find some more information in internet and were enlightened that a negative result in home kit does not necessarily rule out pregnancy. Dr. Malpani has clearly mentioned that a level lower than10 IU/ml would mean negative outcome. We browsed about the sensitivity of home kit and found out that it is not as sensitive as the Beta HCG blood test. Beta HCG levels lower than 25 IU/ml are not usually detected (this information was found on some websites and I am not entirely sure of the accuracy of the figure ). Also, some other factors sometime produce a wrong result in home kits. We had a small window of 10 IU/ml to 25 IU/ml and were still in the game.

The next morning we went for the Beta HCG test and the wait of entire day was unimaginable. We called up the blood test centre in the evening to get the report verbally. By the grace of almighty, we were told that the Beta HCG level was 274 !!!

The following blood tests three days apart showed a doubling of the HCG levels and the ultrasound confirmed everything was alright.

I take this opportunity to thank everyone in this success story.

Everything from the smallest pat of encouragement on shoulder, a bird's melodious note in the morning, a positive outlook in life, the explanation of complex medical procedures in the internet world, trust in the doctor and finally the grace of almighty helped the boat to cross the river.

Dr. Aniruddha, in my case, has not only been successful in the treatment, but has also had a positive impact on my general outlook in life. I have become more positive and optimistic in my approach in daily matters. He reads the patients well and guides and advices accordingly. I am sure that like me, several others must have benefited from this aspect. He is also a thorough professional. I was a bit late on the day of embryo transfer and he was pretty anxious about it. He soon placed me in my comfort zone with witty dialogues, but at the same time was quite stern about my late arrival. I admire this quality of his honesty and calling a spade a spade when required.

Dr. Anjali is a very jovial person with a smile on her face all the time. All kinds of anxieties melt away after meeting her. She does her work so smoothly that visiting a clinic does not appear taxing at all. It has been a pleasure for having being acquainted with her. During one discussion, she told us about their daughter Sanjana, who is running a project called Jal Jyoti where she and her college friends visit slum areas and install a coke bottle filled with water on the roofs of houses to light them up. This one bottle is enough to illuminate the entire room without any maintenance cost. It is a very noble service that she is doing. I would really encourage people to visit the following website and help this young unit as far as possible:


I would like to thank the staff in the clinic for being very encouraging and helpful all the time. They have been very approachable and have addressed all our concerns in a professional manner; often spiced with a personal touch.

I also would like to highlight that the ambience in the clinic is refreshing. I have hardly seen a gloomy face there. Also, the "Garfield" comics at the reception kept my husband company when I was not around. I always found him smiling and wondered whether he really missed me during those short intervals of solitude.

In one sentence, the experience with Dr. Malpani's has been wonderful and I would highly recommend this clinic to all the people who have been missing a child in their lives.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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