A first person success story from a couple who had surrogacy treatment at our clinic

We decided to start a family several years ago. Being a same sex couple from Perth, Western Australia we had no choice but to look overseas to have a family. I travelled to India in 2010 to visit a few clinics but came home disappointed. We couldn't give up on our dream of a family so we started to research again. This is when we found the Malpani Clinic. Speaking to Dr Malpani was very reassuring, he didn't have any problem helping a same sex couple become parents. WOW, our journey is beginning.

I travelled to India in March 2011 for my initial visit and to provide him with my sample. Dr Malpani then arranged everything for us. Helped us plan our trip providing maps, list of accommodation near the Clinic and transport information. Dr Malpani organised the surrogate, egg donor and legal contracts. It seemed as though he took a personal interest in our wellbeing as well as helping us have our family. Dr Malpani is very open and honest advising us upfront of all the costs involved which have remained as quoted throughout the entire process.

We had 3 tries with our first surrogates which were all unsuccessful. The disappointment needed to be put into context as all pregnancies happen immediately as so much is involved. Dr Malpani was always positive and encouraging.

Yay, success. We are so excited and totally over the moon. It hasn't been overnight being 12 months since we first contacted Dr Malpani and 11 months since our first transfer attempt. Dr Malpani sent an email on a Sunday to let us know that we were pregnant. When I received the email from Dr Malpani I knew it was the pregnancy test results. I couldn't look so I threw the phone at my partner asking him to read it first. Let's just say that it was an emotional moment for us. We have never experienced so much happiness at any news. The word happiness just doesn't seem to cover the emotions felt.

We are now 6 weeks pregnant. The first ultrasound has shown a healthy embryo. Dr Malpani is not financially motivated and is only interested in creating families. I cannot recommend Dr Malpani and his clinic enough.

Brian & Adrian
[email protected]

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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