A real life success story for a patient who conceived after ZIFT treatment

We got married in May 2002 and after one and a half year decided to start a family. My periods were irregular from the beginning and every month I would think I am pregnant. After further 6 months we decided to visit a gynecologist.

A whole lot of doctors ( references from family and friends ) and the numbers of tests for us left us devastated. All the doctors said this is a case of unexplained fertility. Our personal life depended upon my sonography scans and my fertile period of the month. We tried everything later to find each month that I am not pregnant.

One of the doctors I visited told me I had cyst in my ovaries and it needs to be operated and because of which I am finding it difficult to conceive. A laparoscopy was done and the cyst was removed. Even after two IUI cycle, I didn't get pregnant.

We were so frustrated that we decided to quit all the treatment and leave everything to God. We even thought of adoption but due to family pressures and the long procedure for adoption made it even more difficult.

Later one day we read an article about Dr. Malpani in the Mumbai Mirror and decided to give it a try. While in consultation with Dr Aniruddha we directly asked him to do IUI again for us . But he was very adamant and said we should try IVF. My treatment started in February 2011. My first sonography started and that's when I met Dr Anjali. She was so kind, unlike other female doctors I have met. She assured me that my eggs are growing in proper size and my eggs were retrieved on 26th Feb 2011 and an ICSI was done on 1st Mar 2011 and 3 embryos were transferred. Then started the long wait of 15 days after which I was advised BETA HCG test. We were so disappointed that my first reports were negative.

Immediately next month we did IVF again with the frozen embryos. But again this time the reports were negative. We were so devastated, but Dr. Malpani assured us that there is nothing wrong . He asked us to take a break of 4-5 months from the treatment and then I decided I will wait as I had a new project lined up in my office which required my full attention.

Later in the month of November 2011 I visited Dr. Malpani again and said we are ready for treatment again. This time he suggested we should try the ZIFT method instead of IVF. ZIFT is little bit painful as it needs to be through laparoscopy and under general anesthesia. My ZIFT was done on 20th Dec 2011. On 3rd Jan 2012 I did my HCG BETA test. I remember I couldn't sleep for the past two days as I was so tensed what my results would be. Finally my results arrived and before opening it I prayed to God for a positive result. The report count was 634. I couldn't believe my eyes but was not sure whether the report was correct or was there some error on the count.

I immediately called Dr. Malpani and told him the report count and he asked me - What do I think it means ? I told him I think my pregnancy report is positive and he just laughed and congratulated me and told me I am pregnant. We were so happy.

Now I am 14 weeks pregnant and it is such a nice experience. I had my scan on the 12th week and saw our baby. Me and my husband were so overwhelmed at the sight of our baby in the screen. I could see my baby's tiny little fingers, legs. Am eagerly waiting to hold my baby and all this has happened because of Dr. Anjali & Anirudha Malpani. We owe them this happiness.

We were very lucky to have such a nice doctors because of whom I am pregnant and we are going to be proud parents. The main support for couples like us are the doctors which in this case were like God sent to us. They made us so comfortable and at ease that never did I feel that I am talking to a doctor. Dr Malpani's always answered our questions sometimes we did feel that we were asking them stupid question but even then they would explain us everything without any harshness in their tone.

The clinic ambience and the sisters were also very helpful and considerate. The sisters used to assure me that I will surely conceive and I should not lose hope.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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