This couple went to Malpani Clinic for the second time; not for consultation but to have another baby by way of IVF treatment as they wanted to complete their family. Let us find out more and what do this couple have to say...

Our story goes back 31/2 years when my husband and I were trying desperately to have a baby .But all in vain. A couple of failed IUI cycles had left us disheartened and sad. It was then we discovered something called IVF. After extensive research by my husband and me we choose The Malpani clinic as our destination to have a baby.

I remember the first time we met Dr. Aniruddha & Dr. Anjali Malpani. We instantly knew that we had taken the right decision of coming to the Malpani Clinic. Dr. Aniruddha explained to us every aspect in detail and also gave us immense emotional support. It was always very easy to talk to both of them. All our fears and apprehensions were put to rest and we started our treatment.

Three days after the completion of our cycle we left Bombay. Dr. Aniruddha had asked us to do a blood test called Bhcg on the 14th day after embryo transfer to determine pregnancy. The wait was long and hard. To our disappointment I started spotting day 12 after the transfer. I still remember that day when I came back from work to tell my husband about the spotting. we were both emotionally wrecked and cried for a long long time. Then I called up Dr. Aniruddha to tell him about my condition. Hats off to his confidence and knowledge he told me not to worry at all as it was normal in a few cases to spot and told me to wait to do the blood test before reaching any conclusion. But we had lost all hopes. Day 14 I did as asked and went for the blood test not expecting anything at all. But to our surprise the Bhcg test came positive. Our happiness knew no bounds. Dr. Aniruddha and Dr. Anjali were the first ones to get the good news .I was put on bed rest for the first trimester and in October 2005 we were blessed with the most beautiful and healthy baby boy. My husband and I can't thank Dr. Aniruddha and Dr. Anjali for making us proud parents.

Three years down the line The Malpanis were undoubtedly our choice to complete our family. And they have managed to do it all over again for us. I am now 2 months pregnant with our second child and would truly like to thank God and The Malpanis for making this possible for us.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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