At times, second opinion can completely change your life. This is precisely what happened with this couple. Most importantly they succeeded in their mission to have a baby. Find out more about their interesting experience...

My husband and myself were college friends for almost 7 years before we tied the knot. During our courtship we always spoke of how we should prioritize our achievements such as owning a house, increasing our savings and expanding our family. With Gods blessings we bought a house within a year and could also save enough for us to begin a family. With things moving as decided we did not even think once about the huddles that would come in before we actually hold our baby. We tried for about a year but with no success. Coming from a conservative Hindu family, by then the pressure of having a child was very high. One of my friends then told me about infertility treatment. I visited a doctor who made us go through painful tests without even attempting to check for minor problems. All tests were normal and he could not detect any problem .The visits to his morbid clinic went on for about a year .This drained us mentally as well as physically. He finally suggested a laparoscopy. I was not very willing and thought of taking a second opinion. By then, we were into the third year of marriage. During a social visit, one of my friends told me about Dr Malpani's success stories. At first, I was skeptical because his clinic was very far from our residence. However, I was somehow getting a feeling that he will be able to help us. I strongly believe in a satguru named Annirudha Joshi .The name coincident strengthened my decision to visit Dr Malpani.

Our first visit was an amazing experience. The clinic was awesome & appealing. The staff was very friendly. With almost no waiting we went in to meet the doctor. There were only positive vibes flowing through our entire communication with Dr Anirudh Malpani.He welcomed us and made us very comfortable. He diagnosed me with PCOS and said that it could be fixed by medication. He explained about PCOS in great detail and gave us a clear picture. I did not have to go through any surgical procedures. He also gave us a book to read more on PCOS and shared his email Id in case we had any more doubts. That's it ; we left the clinic with great relief and knew we would soon experience the joy of parenthood. Within 2 months I conceived and our joy knew no bounds. Unfortunately, we had to terminate the pregnancy in the 8 week because of some medical problem. Our world almost came to an end..but as always the charisma of Dr Malpani worked wonders and we regained our confidence. In the next 6 months I conceived again and soon delivered a beautiful baby girl. Within the next 2 years we were blessed with another angel ..my 2nd daughter.

All this was possible ....thanks to Dr Anirudh & Dr Anjali Malpani. We have not met any doctor who spends so much time with his patients and makes them feel comfortable. Most importantly succeeds in making them parents...

May God give them success in all their endeavors!

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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