I would like to share my story with all those couples that are yearning to have that miracle that one cannot buy or share . I got married at a very early age and having a baby was not in my mind, but as the years went by everyone asked when is the baby coming, that started to worry me, i decided to visit a doc and he asked me a whole lot of questions. From that i realised that i was not menstruating regularly so he put me on the pill for 6 months, we waited noting happened one other year passed like that, know i was in the third year of my marriage, i decided to visit another doc he again put me on the pill and gave me clomid i drank it 4 another 6 months but no success the only thing happened i put on a lot of weight went back to the doc and this time he tripled the clomid dose and after 11 months i found out i was pregnant but i was 10 times my size anyway I gave birth to a boy in 1995.

As the years went by i was enjoying son without worrying about my cycle which was on and off the weight was getting more and i started getting very hairy,i was more busy with other things then myself, than in 2000 i went to a doc and told her i wanted another child this time she put me on a diet and the pill as well as androcor (this was to suppress the male hormone but i should be very careful not to get pregnant as it could lead to a abnormal pregnant this did not make sense to me) anyway that year we decided to go overseas on holiday and as soon as we came back the next day i started to bleed heavily and at night i went to the toilet and something thick came down it was a foetus of 6weeks this was my first miscarriage i was sad but that was gods way of telling me it was not normal,after this i was always very sad i kept myself busy reading baby magazines and came across a article of a fertility specialist in durban after much thinking after one year we decided to go we live 400 km from durban. (my husband took me just because i wanted to go) at first the doc sent us for lots of blood tests and he did a scan he diagnosed PCOS and said i will never be able to conceive naturally and he wanted to remove the cysts and put me on med to bring on a period and he also started me on injections for ovulation every thing was so quick we were surprised any way the doc did a ivf procedure ( after so much of stress and tension) 3 healthy embryos were implanted and we were sent home after one week i got severe ulcer pain doc hospitalized me it was due to the progesterone that week my test came positive i conceived all 3 after 2 weeks i was sent home as soon as i came home i started to breath very heavily and i as coughing as the days went by every thing got worse i started getting severe pelvic pain we contacted the doc again and he asked us to cum back to him because of the distance i was flown n a 2 passenger plane to durban when we reached i was rushed to theater, my ovaries were twisted and i had water in my lungs, if i wouldn't have reached in time my oxygen supply to the heart would have stopped.this was all due to the superovulation treatment i hyperstimulated( I ALMOST LOST MY LIFE) i miscarried one embryo at 10 weeks and carried on good with twins until 25 weeks i suddenly went into labour because the water bag came down i lost a wonderful pair of twins it was very sad. i was on depression medication for 7 years whenever i seen a newborn baby i would get very sick with no clinical diagnoses i uses to stay in hospital for days on end I MUST THANK MY HUSBAND FOR BEING SO PATIENT AND CARING.

Every year we my husband took me overseas to keep me happy .Last year january we were n holiday in india we visited many places and were enjoying ourselves than one morning I got a call from a cousin of mine i was surprised she was in india for treatment as she could not conceive naturally, she convinced me to visit DR MALPANI as well at first i was not interested because after i lost the twins i went 3 times for IVF but they failed so i took the doc number and told her i would see if we get time. deep down in my heart i wanted to see the doc but due to all the complications i had i was scared .At that time we were in gujarat on return to Bombay 2 days before our returned to SA, My husband seen that i kept on talking about drmalpani all the time so he decided to take an app to see what doc says.i was so excited it was a funny feeling sitting in the doc rooms . the staff were so friendly as if they knew me .we walked in dr room and the first thing my husband told doc he wants a baby, we explained DR Malpani everything of the past he was so patient and listened to me with so much care.

He explained to me that all that happened in the past can be avoidable i my case of pcos .He as so reassuring that in one app i stated to trust him ( my pervious doc never warned us about side effects he just said we have to do as per text book he never seen what my body could tolerate) DR Malpani assured us they work with each person with utmost care. The next day we left india .As soon as we reached home we decided that we wanted to give it another try.i started on the glucophage 3 times a day, we planned to go back in june. We tusted DR Malpanis words as not to worry "IF GOD WILLS ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE TO ACHIEVE". June came we left for india (i never dreamt i will go abroad for treatment) all tensed will it work or not? with this at the back of our minds. DR Malpani said it was a 21 day treatment so our ticket was booked for 25 days. we went every day to dr rooms for injections and that support each visit was so special and the one thing that was good Dr anjali scanned me everyday she was so kind and sweet.

At first low dose injections were started and gradually increased, they were so careful because of my history, we knew we were in safe hands, but still i was very nervous, as soon as the follicles were right they were removed, and the process sped up, or embryos were formed the cells multiplied and the best ting was dr showed them to us before he transferred them it was amazing. my son who is 13 was very excited well, everything went well we were ready to leave india 3 days after transfer, then the long wait started 9days and then the blood test was due, we prayed each day, eventually blood test results came negative we were devastated, i called dr he said repeat it after 3 days, and still it came negative that day i bowed down to God and told him whatever is destined for me i will accept it.

I never repeated the test, after 4 weeks i got sick i was vomiting and had a kidney infection, was prescribed medication but nothing helped after 6 days i went to gynec as i thought that again i was having a problem with my ovaries, so the doc did a can and surprise there was a fetus of 6weeks with a normal heart beat my husband was in tears, we were overjoyed, the next thing we did what dr Malpani said was to take a shirodkar stitch which was not taken in my last pregnancy, and wont believe it when the doc too the stitch my cervix was already opening as i have an incompetent one, so i Thank dr malpani for insisting i have it put at 12 weeks. after that i was very careful, at 29 weeks the amniotic fluid was getting less we got worried as the baby was very small, i was hospitalized and put onto steroid injections, at 34 weeks gave birth to a small but healthy BABY GIRL, my son calls her MALPANI BABY. i don't think if it was not for dr MALPANI AND HIS TEAM WE WOULD "NT HAVE HAD THIS OPPERTUNITY F ENJOYING THIS LITTLE MIRACLE "DAILY I PRAY TO GOD TO GIVE DR ANIRUDH & ANJALI MALPANI SUCCESS IN ALL THIER WORK IN HELPING ALL THOSE PEOPLE WANTING A BABY"THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN I WILL RECOMMEND ANYONE REQ THIS TREATMENT TO GO O THESE SPECIAL DOCTORS.


Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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