Kolkata based couple was trying for a baby for long but all in vain. Later they got their baby with the help of embryo transfer that was done at the Malpani Clinic. Read to know more about their experience.

We have been married for 6 years . I have a polycystic ovarian syndrome . After unsuccessfully trying for a baby for almost 2 years we were recommended by my husband's cousin to meet Dr. Malpani.

We met Drs. Malpani in January 2008 and were convinced that he would be able to help us realize our dream of having a baby. We had to undergo ICSI as my husband had a low sperm count. I started with the IVF cycle in February 2008 . However midcycle I was diagnosed with jaundice and I had to drop the cycle mid way and return home to recuperate.

We were advised to at least wait for 4-5 months before going in for the next cycle. Hence I started the next cycle in June 2008. I had 10 eggs out of which only 4 fertilized and that too they were not very good quality embryos. I was worried about multiple pregnancies and thus we transferred 3 embryos and discarded 1. This cycle was unsuccessful and I did not conceive. I was disheartened but I found consolation in the fact that Dr. Anjali had already warned me during my transfer that I would have to mentally prepare myself for at least 2 to 3 cycles.

I had always been very irregular with my periods. I was due for my next IVF cycle in September. However, I skipped an entire month(the wait was extremely frustrating) and did not get my periods until the end of September so we could start the next round of medications for IVF. I started my injections in Calcutta and reached Bombay on 1st October ie. Day 10 of my cycle. We retrieved 30 eggs but unfortunately they were of a very poor quality and only 4 fertilized. Dr. Anirudha was clearly dismayed at this result and he told us on the day of transfer that I had a rare problem with the cytoplasm of my eggs that didn't let them fertilize. My husband and I were both extremely upset with this piece of news and I was in no mental condition to go through with the transfer. However, I did go through with the transfer (we transferred all 4 embryos) . During the transfer Dr. Anjali was all words of encouragement and reassurance that I had everything positive for me this cycle- embryos were good, endometrium was good and she was very happy with the transfer. I think it was this that really put me into a positive mode (which is absolutely necessary for conceiving) and voila! On 23rd October I had a positive Beta Hcg. We were both on top of the moon. I am now 13 weeks pregnant and looking forward to the most precious gift of all our baby.

We are very grateful to Drs. Malpani who have made our dream possible. Their staff is one of the best and friendly that Live seen at any other place. Drs. Malpani's clinic is truly The best place to have a baby !

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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