Today, life is beautiful and full of meaning and purpose for this couple who are doctors by profession. When they see their dear son, it feels as if love, luck and happiness have been heartily showered on them. Find out how their life changed...

Today, life is so beautiful and full of meaning & purpose for both of us when we see our dear son , who is now 6 months old. It feels as if love, luck and happiness has been heartily showered on us when he smiles back at us. A moment, we thought was not destined in our lives. Especially, when we recollect the past few years that had been very painstaking to us, while undergoing the various investigations and procedures to find a cause. And then periods of wait & watch ;hope and despair. And it seemed indeed that all was in vain!

But as they say, Angels come as some good Samaritan to help us and rescue us out in our trying times. For us they came in the form of our dear doctors Aniruddha & Anjali Malpani, who with their technical expertise and profound experience relieved us out of this and gave us a very precious & invaluable gift for our lifetime. We had a successful frozen embryo transfer (ICSI ) in their clinic last year and had our baby born in December 2008.

Today we are thankful to God for having guided us the right way forward to make the right decision at the right time at the right place and of course in the right and the best possible hands!

Thank you dear doctors for everything and may the Lord endow continuing success to you both that will help many other needy couples to experience this wonderful phase of life!

Lots of Luck,

A doctor couple from Mumbai

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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