This sharing is a bit overdue from us, but we do hope that other couples who have gone through the agony of infertility would draw strength from our story.

In our quest to become parents, we had to undergo two agonizing miscarriages from natural conceptions and an ectopic pregnancy (in the fourth year of our marriage) which also led to a non functional fallopian tube and effectively halved the chances of natural conception from then on. We therefore turned to infertility treatment and the drill went IUI, IVF, ICSI in that order - 2 IUI attempts in Singapore were unsuccessful, so we decided to take a break. An year later, we did 2 IVF cycles (one fresh and one frozen) in a hospital in South India, but the results were negative. So we took a break again and decided to seek treatment from one of the most expensive infertility clinics in Singapore that also had a very good success rate. We underwent an ICSI cycle (with fresh eggs) and even though initial B-HCG tests showed that there was a pregnancy, the readings progressively went down. To complicate things, the treatment led to extreme hyper stimulation and bloating so much so that there was almost 6 litres of fluid that accumulated in the tummy! The most frustrating and depressing outcome though was to learn that it was a failed cycle. Though we repeated the treatment a few months later with frozen eggs, it was to be another failure. Those were the darkest days in our married life as there was absolutely no hope ahead of us. In fact, the doctor attending to us even suggested that we should consider adoption or surrogacy as options, as we seemed to belong to a minority of unexplainable infertile couples.

It is at this stage that we casually sought Dr Malpani's opinion by consulting him online. His immediate responses and calming assurance gave us hope and we decided to visit him in Mumbai. When we met him, he suggested an ICSI cycle with a medicine that he felt ought to be different from what had been tried in earlier cycles, given our history of hyper stimulation. One of the most notable things was that there was NO hyper stimulation at all this time around. The extreme precision with which Dr Anjali did the egg pick up and the right medications leading up to the pick up were, in our opinion, the key difference in this treatment cycle. We completed the treatment and on the fourth day of the transfer, we came back. As was the case in previous cycles, we went through the waiting period anxious for the D-day to arrive and when it finally did, we were quite surprised to see a very high B-HCG reading. Dr Malpani actually called us to know the result. He asked us to repeat the test a few days later and we shared the new readings with him, he was sure that it was a multiple pregnancy. And when we went for the scan a few weeks later, our joy was boundless when we learnt that there were three heart beats, which meant we were going to be parents three times over, in one shot! We became parents to triplets and have thus been given this privilege to share this story with you

This sharing wouldn't be complete if we didn't tell you it was God who guided us towards Dr Malpani's web site, when we were so desperately close to giving up or looking at other options like surrogacy. From reading other sharings and our own experience, we believe God has bestowed blessings and the wisdom on the Dr Malpani couple, so they could touch many, many more couples who are seeking such hope in their lives.

We wish the doctors, their friendly staff, the lift operators and support staff and the entire crew the very best in their quest to touch people's lives and above all to any one who may be experiencing fertility challenges of any kind.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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