Nishant and Supriya Sahil, a happy couple from Bihar approached the Malpani Clinic with very little hope. During the consultation, they came to know about ICSI treatment and their lives changed ever after...

Nishant & Supriya Sahil

I feel this is the happiest moment of my life sharing my IVF success. Right at this moment my 60 days old Baby boy is in my lap while I draft this mail.

Me and Priya met 10 years back in a very undeveloped state BIHAR. Got married in 2003, we were so happy to be partner in life. Now it's time to expect a new angel in our life. After 4 years of our happy married life we couple were not able to add little angel in our life. Then the phase of worship,mannats and visiting temples started in........But results were not positive. We couples now started facing lot's of social comments from our own society and dearones.. any how we managed the show.

We couples decided to move to medical assistance and as per rule of society, started examination on my wife. I can not explain how many clinics we have visited and how many doctors we met and what is the number of medical examination we have gone thru.... We couples were completely disappointed and Not knowing what to do..... One of my close friend suggested me to come over to Mumbai and do the medical tests. We landed in May 2006 and met several doctor's again we were misguided and told by doctor that We can never give birth a child.We returned back to Bihar with all our hope stolen and Broken.

Suddenly, in the month of August one of my known suggested me to come over to Mumbai and meet Dr.Aniruddha Malpani.

With very little hope in our hand we came to Malpani infertility clinic.

I cannot explain the way we couples were treate here was amazing. The greatest thing we experinced here is Doctor never discussed about the treatment and only suggested us to know our problem and get relaxed. He performed a very nominal medical examination on both of us and the rule of society broke down. PROBLEM is with me not with my wife. I can not explain the way doctor explained about our problem like a father or Parents explaing to his children. We were not sure about the result of treatment but, Mentally we were relaxed and happy...... Thumb rule to give birth a happy child it is important that Couples should be Happy first.

In Dr. Malpani consultation only we came to know about ICSI treatment. We under gone this process in the month of November 2006 . We are very happy to say that we couples are blessed with BABY BOY on 16th of July 2007.

Our life is changed now we are engaged in making our baby happy and give him the best parentship.


Nishant & Supriya Sahil
Email: [email protected]

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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