IVF treatment in abroad is extremely expensive and most insurance policies don't cover the treatment. The treatment almost feels like a wall that is hard to scale. Find out how this couple managed to scale the wall with the help of Malpanis

"Our struggle with infertility started about 2 years ago. After numerous tests at multiple clinics, we finally had to accept that IVF was our only option. You will probably agree when I say that IT IS NOT AN EASY THING. Our feelings ranged from 'why me??' to 'what now?'. One reason for this is probably that IVF treatment in the US is extremely expensive and most insurance policies don't cover the treatment. The treatment almost feels like a wall that is hard to scale.

And then started the endless hours of internet research for options, treatments and what not. Finally, we came across Dr. Malpani's website. I have to say that I haven't yet seen a doctor as internet savvy as he is. In spite of his busy schedules, he has managed to keep the website up to date with all the latest information. The more knowledge you have about something, the more empowered you feel. And above all, the treatment can be done in India at a fraction of the cost in the US. A great website combined with the economy factor makes the clinic an attractive option for many couples residing outside India.

So much for the logistics. Cost and information does ease the anxiety, but the real problem that has brought us here remains. I wrote the last sentence with the mindset I had when I reached the clinic for the first time. However, it slowly changed. Meeting Dr Aniruddha and Anjali Malpani and talking to them gave us the impression that the procedure (although medically complex) is not something monstrous, like surgery. They explained the procedure to us and our worried parents very clearly.

I think the human factor is one of the most important in medicine. Understanding that the patient is anxious and trying to alleviate such feelings (by the doctor) goes a long way in altering the patient's outlook. For this reason, the procedure felt far less stressful than we had anticipated. Dr. Malpani explained every step of the procedure before going ahead with it. We even got the opportunity to see the embryos before the transfer. The arrangement is very systematic making the various procedures quite comfortable.

A message like this would be incomplete without a mention of the clinic's staff. The nurses are extremely friendly and polite. They also seem to have good knowledge about the procedures and are happy to answer any questions.

Finally, to anyone considering IVF - Approach it with an open mind. Be prepared for any type of results. The treatment manipulates the odds in your favor, but it is still a game of chance. Have faith in the Almighty. Just as He sent the Malpanis your way, he will bless you every step of the way. Truly, the Malpanis are God sent."

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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