After undergoing three failed IVF cycles, this couple managed to get their fourth cycle right. With the help of Malpanis, they succeeded the procedure by way of embryo transfer. Find out the full story...

There we were three months later in the gorgeous heat of Mumbai. The clinic exactly as seen in the pictures on the Malpani Website. Friendly staff and nurses with smiles on their faces. I knew then that I had definitely made the right decision to come out to the Malpani Clinic. Within minutes I was making conversation to the couple sitting next to me who had flown in from the States for the same reason as my husband and I ... a successful outcome this time round ! Already it felt like an exciting adventure to meet and chat with people from all over the world. The uncomfortable gloom in the waiting room of faces staring at one another back in the UK was now a distant memory.

Then as soon as my husband and I went in to meet Dr Malpani for our first consultation our nerves simply left us as we felt we already knew him all so well from all his speedy responses and email conversations. His wife Dr Anjali also accompanied him and both were so very positive and re-assured us immediately that there was no medical reason for us not to be able to have children via their recommended protocol and great expertise in IVF alongside of ICSI. The biggest advantage here of increasing our chances by implanting more than the UK law of only two embryos. Now I certainly felt a lot more optimistic and knew Drs Malpani would make this work for us as they had done for many infertile couples all around the world.

Four months and counting here is my success story, celebrating alongside of all my family and friends the unbelievable yet wonderful news of my pregnancy !! Only two weeks ago a scan of my baby clearly revealed the positive outcome on my fourth IVF & ICSI attempt which resulted only from the capable hands of the Malpani Clinic in Mumbai. Thanks for playing gods Drs Malpani. The ease of your friendliness, immense positiveness of both your natures alongside of pleasant staff and nurses truly made our experience one to shout about. We are indebted to you all and only hope you are blessed in life as we were by you to have even come this far !!!!!!!

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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