Sudha and Gururaj, a couple from Hyderabad, had their share of unpleasant experiences until they approached the Malpani Clinic. Now they are eagerly looking forward for their baby. Find out about their journey to parenthood.

My name is Sudha and my Husband's name is Gururaj. We stay in Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh state in India. After 9 year of long waiting and anxiousness, God has given us a new experience of life through Dr. Anirudha Malpani and Dr. Anjali Malpani. I am now in 5th month of my pregnancy after my success during the very first IVF attempt at Dr. Malpani's clinic at Mumbai.

Going back to our history, during these 9 years of our marriage, we had to change 4 doctors, some due to unavailability of the doctors after sometime and some due to unpleasant experiences at some clinics. The decision to go Malpani clinic was final.

We started visiting our first Gynecologist seriously after three years of our marriage. The first course of treatment went on for 6 to 8 months with all basic tests, treatments using medication etc. There was no major problem in either of us. Later I underwent D & C, Laparoscopy. No PCOD, No endometriosis; however there was a doubt on the blockage of my right fallopian tube. Later we had to change the Gynecologist as our first Gynecologist had gone for US on a long trip. The second Gynecologist later performed HSG, to get a clear picture. It was found that there was some problem with left tube! Lo we were confused, treatment continued, but no result!

We became serious and as per our friends advice we visited an IVF specialist who suggested IVF after attempting one or two cycles of IUI. The first IUI attempt itself was so stressful that we had to stop all the treatments and medicines. It was six years by then and we were stressed out and thought of taking a break and stayed away from doctors and medicines for almost a year. On the other side, in these six years, we visited so many holy places, temples and performed rituals as per elders' wishes and advice. We were unable to prepare ourselves mentally for IVF.

After 8 months again, we visited one of the famous IVF centre in Hyderabad. I again underwent two round of IUI but no result. After this, the doctor had come out with a different story altogether and advised us Hysteroscopy this time! We were definitely not ready for this, since this is another stressful 'test' and not a solution to our long problem.

We finally decided to visit Dr. Malpani. Here I need to say something. All these years, my Husband was very well aware of Dr. Malpani through his famous book (how to have a baby). We had purchased its first version (Getting Pregnant) when we started our treatment after 3 years of our marriage. We had got the entire information regarding infertility through this book. We also cleared several doubts through e-mail / second opinion portal of Dr. Malpani's website.

Finally after all this, we personally decided to visit Mumbai in August 2006. Dr. Malpani heard our entire story and assured that there was really no major problem and since we already passed 9 years, IVF itself would be the best option. Since by that time we were already familiar with the clinic and the success story at Malpani's clinic and its homely nature, we decided without any further thoughts. We underwent first IVF attempt during Feb 2007.

Though IVF treatment by its nature is stressful and a long drawn one, we never felt any sort of difficulty as it so well planned by Dr. Mr. & Mrs. Malpani, the co-operation extended by all the nurses at the clinic, it was as if we were on a Holiday! Treatment started with Buserlin and HMG injections at Hyderabad itself and we went to Mumbai on 10th day of my cycle. Later we visited the clinic every alternate day for Ultrasound scanning. On 15th day, I developed 21 eggs. On the day of the egg retrieval, we reached the clinic early. My husband also did have some problem in giving his sample before egg retrieval. With Dr. Malpani's counseling, he got relaxed and could give his sample easily. Dr. Anjali and the anesthetist were very friendly. The egg retrieval was performed at 5:30 PM and I was fully awake within 4-5 hours after that. I had no vomiting or any other sort of discomforts. The room provided was very comfortable. My husband enjoyed the computer and the internet service provided in our room. He too had been provided with a cot. That night we stayed back in the clinic itself. Embryo transfer was after two days. I did not require any anesthesia this time. I had 4 embryos to transfer and the entire procedure completed within 15 minutes with very little discomfort. We returned back to Hyderabad two days after Embryo transfer and then later the next 10-12 days were longest in our life!

We started getting anxious when I missed my period, and later Beta HCG reports started doubling for every 48 hours! Finally, through Ultrasound scanning my pregnancy got confirmed! We are very Grateful to Dr. Anirudha Malpani and Dr. Anjali Malpani. We are also equally grateful to all the nurses and the other support staff who were very co-operate during every visit to the clinic. We wish all the best in all their future endeavors.

We are eagerly looking forward to our baby and visit Mumbai to meet Dr. Aniruddha Malpani and Dr. Anjali Malpani.

Updated on 21st Dec 2007:

Today we are very happy to share that we have been blessed with a Baby Boy on 15 Nov 2007. All our dreams have come true. This is the real moment!

While we were very happy when I conceived after the treatment, but as we all know, that is not the final goal. We had continuous anxious moments all these nine months....

So, it's once again proved that if God is willing and we approach right people and right clinic, there is definitely hope for infertile couple.

So our advice to infertility couple is that, if you are on treatment and not meeting the success, definitely you need to take a second opinion. Who knows, you may also meet success like us!

As said earlier, the experience at Dr. Malpani's clinic was a memorable one and it was as if we were on a holiday trip. We enjoyed our treatment trip to Mumbai and today we are with our baby!

Thanks again to Dr. Anjali & Dr. Aniruddha Malpani.

Gururaj ([email protected])

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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