After 8 years of marriage, and after attempting the first IVF in 2005 with another hospital which failed, this couple was depressed and worried since their age was also giving way. This compelled them to decide to stop all treatment for a child. Something struck them and they approached the Malpanis and this changed their life completely. Find out more...

After 8 yrs of marriage, and after attempting my first IVF in 2005 with another hospital which failed, we were both depressed and worried since my age also was giving way, we decided to stop all treatment for a child. Having had 4 miscarriages previously, and after the failure of my 1st IVF cycle we concluded that i will not be able to bear a child in my womb. Meanwhile we had approached a couple of expert Doctors in Dubai and India and also spend a lot of money with these Doctors instructions as medication, with no results, except trauma and depression. My husband was not willing to go for another IVF and thus spoil my health by inducing the hormone injections etc.

But, i did not leave hope and started surfing the web to find out whether there is a loophole somewhere & finally God heard my prayers and he opened the doors of Malpani's Clinic for us. Six months prior to the treatment, i started contact with Dr. Aniruddha and confided my medical records to him. Dr. Aniruddha then started giving me instructions as to what i should follow. I had requested for the treatment of surrogacy but when Doctor told me that i don't need a surrogate and i can carry my own baby i was so happy and thrilled and started preparations for the treatment. We both were so impressed with Dr. Aniruddha's email instructions and advice, which i doubt anyone will receive from doctors elsewhere.

In January as per Dr's instruction we travelled to Mumbai and started treatment, stayed in Mumbai for 25 days and after undergoing the IVF [Embryo transplant] we came back to Dubai. After 10 days we both were so happy to find out that my blood test reported positive and my pregnancy confirmed with several other blood tests. Now i am 4 months pregnant and we are both happy and enjoying my pregnancy, which we beleive is a miracle that happened in our life.

Out of all, i have to tell everyone who will be reading my testimony that if they are depressed and worried women who still feels that you cannot conceive and have a baby, don't leave a little hope, cling on to God the Almighty and approach The Malpani's at least once to see by yourselves what you will get. The dedication and service we found in Malpani's and the kind treatment by the team assisted by Dr. Aniruddha and Dr. Anjali is an experience which you have to go through, and get it for yourself.

We hereby extend our sincere thanks to the whole team of Malpani's, specially to Dr. Aniruddha for the patience he showed with us at each step of my treatment.

With lot of prayers.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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